Meta AR/VR Job | Photographic Imaging Algorithm Research Scientist/Engineer | Oculus

Job(岗位): Photographic Imaging Algorithm Research Scientist/Engineer | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Engineering

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-5-12


Meta RL brings together world-class experts to develop and ship groundbreaking products at the intersection of hardware, software, and content. We have a clear mandate to ship products at scale. In particular, seemingly impossible products that define new categories that advance Meta’s mission of connecting the world. The Meta RL Technology Engineering Team has the responsibility for taking breakthroughs in core technology and delivering them to market at scale.

The Technology Engineering Camera Team seeks Research Scientists/Engineers who have extended experience in leading imaging technology & algorithm development and evaluation in consumer electronics.


2+ years experience in 3A or CV/ML algorithm research and development

Subject matter expert demonstrated through publications, patents, or shipped products

Experience programming in at least one of the following languages: Python, MATLAB, C/C++


Build in-house photographic imaging solutions from scratch using the latest image processing, computer vision and machine learning technologies

Collaborate in a team environment across multiple scientific and engineering disciplines, making the architectural trade-offs required to rapidly deliver algorithm solutions

Learn constantly, dive into new areas with unfamiliar technologies, and embrace the ambiguity of AR and VR problem solving

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Knowledge in all the following areas with detailed experience in at least one: 3A, ML based imaging(such as HDR, Defocusing, etc.), ML based CV(such as object detection/tracking, image segmentation etc.), ML based rendering (physically-based light estimation and modeling, physical-based object rendering, etc.) and ISP fundamental algorithms development

Experience with joint hardware-software development and associated rapid prototyping

Experience transferring technology from research in computer vision, image processing or machine learning into a shipping product, such as iPhone