Meta AR/VR Job | Simulation Engineer, System Thermal | Oculus

Job(岗位): Simulation Engineer, System Thermal | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-9


The Facebook Reality Labs Simulation Team models and simulates the real-world conditions and scenarios under which our products must perform. We provide the objective, physics-based analysis that enables our engineering development partners to design with confidence. Our goal is to minimize program risk, improve product performance, and reduce development cycles through systematic design optimization. We accomplish this through the rigorous application of engineering fundamentals and validate our guidance through empirical testing.

We are seeking a Simulation Engineer with a strong background in modeling, analyzing, and developing solutions for a wide variety of mechanical and hardware challenges. Our ideal candidate approaches complex problems with an analytical mindset firmly rooted in engineering first-principles. They are unafraid to challenge underlying assumptions, consistently validate their analysis through rigorous prototyping and empirical testing, and are dedicated to delivering solutions in addition to insight. We want someone who works well in a highly collaborative, cross-functional environment, can drive clarity from ambiguity, communicates complex concepts clearly, and is unafraid to tackle new challenges. If you are passionate about using your analytical skills to push the boundaries of what is possible, we want you on our team.


BS in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience

5+ years experience completing hand calculations and second-order simulations (lumped capacitance, MATLAB, etc.)

5+ years experience using commercial Finite Element Analysis and numerical modeling tools such as FlothermXT, Flotherm, FloEFD, SimCenter 3D, ANSYS Mechanical, Icepak, Fluent, Abaqus, Comsol, Star-CCM+, etc.

3+ years experience architecting products around thermal solutions

3+ years experience with 3D modeling software (NX, SolidWorks, Creo)

Proficiency in engineering and physics-based first-principles

Experienced using a data-driven approach to analyze problems and deliver robust, optimized solutions

Experienced with designing, building and testing thermal prototypes to validate analysis

Experience building relationships and working cross-functionally with multidisciplinary teams

Experience debugging system and component-level thermal performance issues and failure analysis

Experience with thermal algorithm development to maintain hardware below thermal limits

Experience designing, sourcing and implementing passive and/or active thermal management solutions

Understanding of the thermo-mechanical properties and conjugate behaviors for a broad spectrum of materials, for example glass, laminated composite structures, ceramic, plastic, polymers, metals, and adhesives

Functional knowledge of mechanical, electrical, electronic and optical components and systems


End-to-end ownership of the thermal architecture and its performance from concept through launch for one or more hardware products

Drive the creation of thermal operating and performance requirements and technical specifications

Deliver mechanical and physics-based modeling, simulation, and analysis in support of the development and implementation of high-performance thermal architectures

Collaborate with Program Management, Industrial Design, Product Design Engineering, Hardware Engineering, User Experience, User Research, vendors, component module, supply chain teams., and other cross-functional partners to identify risks, strategically create simulations, plan and conduct validation testing, and deliver objective, data-driven engineering guidance and solutions

Leverage external and/or overseas teams (ODM/JDM/CM) to maximize the focus of our internal resources on pushing the performance boundaries for our products

Organize and lead thermal design reviews, solution brainstorms, build support, and test and validation efforts

Drive failure analysis, root cause efforts, and design of experiments to resolve problems

Present results in a form actionable by cross-functional team members and leadership

Advance team capabilities and performance through the development and implementation of new simulation approaches, best practices, new materials, novel technologies, and tools

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Masters or PhD in Mechanical Engineering or related field

Experience delivering analysis and developing solutions for mass-produced, consumer electronics products

Experience with multi-physics simulations such as electro-thermal, thermo-mechanical, and opto-mechanical

Knowledge of various fabrication and application methods for common thermal management solutions (heatpipe, vapor chambers, conductive film, air movers, etc.)