Meta AR/VR Job | Research Scientist – Computer Vision (PhD)

Job(岗位): Research Scientist – Computer Vision (PhD)

Type(岗位类型): Computer Vision | Machine Learning, Research

Citys(岗位城市): Zurich, Switzerland

Date(发布日期): 2022-1-31


Meta is seeking Research Scientists to join our fundamental and applied research teams in Zurich. As part of Reality Labs, we seek to advance the state-of-the-art in computer vision, by solving challenging problems in the AR/VR space. Our team develops breakthrough computer vision solutions, which are leveraged by product development teams throughout the Meta family of applications. Our work is critical to delivering new computer vision based research and applications to our 2 billion plus users. The research topics of interest include, but are not limited to, neural renderers, generative models (such as GANs and VAEs), Implicit and neural 3D representations (e.g. NeRFs and similar), 3D reconstruction and understanding, keypoint and pose estimation.

The Reality Labs org at Meta is helping more people around the world come together and connect through world-class Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR) products. With global departments dedicated to research and development in computer vision, machine learning, haptics, social interaction, and more, Reality Labs is committed to driving the state of the art forward through relentless innovation. The potential to change the world is immense – and we’re just getting started.


Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a PhD in Computer Vision, relevant technical field, or equivalent practical experience. Degree must be completed prior to joining Meta.

Understanding of Machine Learning concepts such as GANs, NeRFs, neural renderes, 3D reconstruction.

Publication track record in top-tier conferences such as CVPR, NeurIPS, ECCV, ICCV, SIGGRAPH, ICML, etc.

Fluency in Python or other related languages.

Familiarity with deep learning libraries, like PyTorch.

Interpersonal experience: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration.


Research and develop novel computer vision algorithms in areas such as generative methods, neural rendering, 3D understanding, and more.

Deliver computer vision research to product with collaboration across Facebook family of applications.

Collaborate with other researchers and engineers across teams at Facebook to develop experiments, prototypes, and concepts that advance the state-of-the-art in AR/VR systems.

Collaborate with teams from Meta and other academic institutions to drive state-of-the-art research

Contribute to research publications and publish at top-tier venues

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

3+ years of industry experience in areas such as generative methods such as GANs, neural rendering, 2D and 3D key point / pose estimation and surface reconstruction, depth estimation.

Experience with optimizing model architectures and algorithms for CPU/GPU, mobile, and other types of specialized hardware

Demonstrated software engineer experience via an internship, work experience, coding competitions, or widely used contributions in open source repositories (e.g. GitHub).

Experience solving complex problems and comparing alternative solutions, tradeoffs, and diverse points of view to determine a path forward.

Experience working and communicating cross functionally in a team environment.