Meta AR/VR Job | Research Scientist, Anthropometric Physical-Simulation (PhD)

Job(岗位): Research Scientist, Anthropometric Physical-Simulation (PhD)

Type(岗位类型): Research

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): Before 2021-12-14


Reality Labs is committed to developing technology and shipping products that are necessary to make AR/VR compelling, pervasive and universal. We are seeking innovative and self-motivated Research Scientists with experience in building physics-based simulations to advance the current state-of-the-art Industrial Design paradigm through their research contributions. An ideal candidate will be able to translate a real-world scenario into physics-based models, with required fidelity, by leveraging/advancing the current FEA/FEM techniques and validate the simulation with appropriate real-world validation system bring-up. The candidate should also be able to effectively collaborate cross-functionally to design and execute experimental tests to validate simulation models.


Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a PhD degree or equivalent experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Computational Physics, Computer Science, Aerospace, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization or a similar field.

Experience with numerical methods such as large-scale numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, numerical PDEs.

Work experience with CAD softwares such as Solidworks, 3DS Max or similar.

Programming experience with C++, Python.

Publication experience in one of the following areas: Robotics, IJNME, CMME, JMPS, SIAM, ACM, biomechanics, VFX and related fields.

Interpersonal experience: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration.

Must obtain work authorization in country of employment at the time of hire, and maintain ongoing work authorization during employment.


Perform simulation-based analysis for system and subsystem components of advanced AR and VR products.

Build custom-simulation capabilities for advanced modeling purposes using python, C++ or other programming languages.

Participate and contribute to design space exploration and product optimization activities. Collaborate with internal cross-functional research teams for data collection, data processing and experimental design.

Present regularly to large cross-functional teams and communicate progress.

Engage the wider academic community through impactful publications.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

3+ years of experience, including PhD research, with any combination of the following: finite element modeling and analysis, computational mechanics, mechanical engineering, multidisciplinary design optimization techniques etc.

Experience with biomechanical modeling & simulations. Hands-on experience with commercial finite element modeling tools such as Ansys, Solidworks, COMSOL, Abaqus.

Experience with high-performance computing such as MPI, multi-threading and/or SIMD frameworks.

Experience with robotics and/or processing 3D data (meshes, point-cloud).