Meta AR/VR Job | Eye Tracking Hardware System Architecture Manager

Job(岗位): Eye Tracking Hardware System Architecture Manager

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2023-11-20


As the Manager of the Eye-Tracking Hardware Systems and Incubation Team in Meta’s Reality Labs Devices group, you will lead hardware architecture for emerging AR/VR eye tracking hardware solutions, help drive the overall development strategy and roadmap, and be a part of the teams designing, building, and testing novel AR/VR experiences unlocked by this next generation user interface technology. We want people who: work well in teams, can brainstorm big ideas, work in new technology areas, thrive in ambiguity, are able to map trade-spaces, are able to drive a concept into a prototype, and can translate those prototypes into integrated systems for use in high-volume consumer products.

The Eye Tracking HW Systems and Incubation Team manager will lead a multidisciplinary group of initially 15-20 experts with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, optical and systems engineering, Together with our cross-functional teams in firmware, algorithms, software, systems and user experience, the team will lead the definition and convergence of complex and novel sub-system architectures, with an emphasis on integration of these subsystems into state-of-the-art consumer AR/VR/Wearable systems. Prototypes may include new sensing systems, display/optics systems, input devices, or may be full AR/VR headsets.

The role requires expert technical communication with cross-functional teams across research, core technology groups, ID, hardware engineering, algorithms, software, user experience and partnerships to drive incubation of new technologies from paper analysis to proof of concept, with an emphasis on future product integration. This role requires excellent technical understanding of consumer electronics and AR/VR/Wearable reality systems across the stack. Starting with a broad engineering background in electrical, mechanical, optics, silicon, or related fields, we’re looking for a unique leader who can build this team which will architect and design our next eye-tracking hardware platforms. The ideal candidate would have strong systems skills, previous roles driving architecture convergence on complex consumer electronics products, and experience with SoC evaluation, optical systems, sensors, CV algorithms, software, and be able to work collaboratively with experts in different fields to make architectural tradeoffs.


10+ years of experience with systems prototyping, including both hardware and software

Experience with architecture and systems engineering across optical, electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software systems

Experience integrating and delivering one or more of these technologies: sensors, optics, silicon, ultrasound

Experience in rapid prototyping and creating proof of concept models to share ideas and improve architectural decisions

Communication experience working with Researchers, Product Development engineers, Product Managers and other hardware/software cross-functional teams

Experience working with partnerships teams and external partners at both a research and development level


Manage a team of researchers and developers with diverse backgrounds focused on rapid prototyping and evaluation of complex sub-systems

Lead the sub-system architectures encompassing sensors, optics, EE, ME from initial conception to Proof of Concept prototypes to tech transfer to emerging products

Jointly optimize hardware and algorithms together with partner organizations to deliver inconspicuous, accurate, and robust subsystems

Create hardware system metrics, standards and tools

Create proof-of-concept physical prototypes

Communicate research and POC development strategy effectively to both internal and external stakeholders

Work with product architects for roadmap products, communicate trade-offs, program concerns and technical direction

Drive the technical scoping and development of new technologies to deliver generation defining user experiences for future products on the roadmap

Conduct detailed analysis and trade-off studies for complex systems

Engage with technology project leads and various component SMEs to identify optimal integration strategies in emerging products

Work with product and research teams to resolve ambiguous requirements, then prioritize solutions that meet current and future needs

Guide management & partner teams on long term technology investments

Collaborate with cross-functional teams on blank-slate and early-phase prototyping, mapping it to strategic and product questions which need to be resolved

Drive development of system requirements to create new augmented/virtual reality experiences, and help advance technology and research roadmaps

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

PhD in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Math other related technical field or equivalent experience

Experience in firmware development, programming, computer vision, OS, game development, and complex sensing systems

Experience modeling system power, and using those models to inform trade-offs against key architectural decisions (e.g. battery life, thermals, silicon roadmaps, power load profiles)

Experience with Virtual/Augmented reality or systems aimed at capturing/processing/delivering audio visual, IMU or other positional data streams

Experience creating system models to analyze system compute, latency and communication interface bandwidths

Experience integrating multiple subsystems within a heterogeneous compute environment in order to define the system architecture to meet overall goals of the prototype definition

Knowledge of sensor systems, including interfaces, optical, sensors, modules, ISP and algorithm fundamentals, CV/ML

Working knowledge of machine learning (DNN, CNN, RNN)

Experience with influencing silicon vendors roadmaps and SOC features sets with emphasis on using advanced IP in the realms of Machine Learning and Imaging