Meta AR/VR Job | Factory Operations Manager, Reality Lab

Job(岗位): Factory Operations Manager, Reality Lab

Type(岗位类型): Operations

Citys(岗位城市): AR/VR

Date(发布日期): 2023-10-13


As a part of the Factory Operations team for RL, you will be responsible for managing day to day operations with our global manufacturing partners in China.

The Factory Ops team aids in developing contract manufacturer (CM) operational capabilities and implementing strategy in line with product roadmap. The team collaborates cross functionally to assess risks on-site, provide solutions,ensure factory readiness,meet overall ramp goals and ensure the success of the ramp with short and long term capacity planning and execution to the end of life (EOL).

You will be a key member of the Factory Operations team and will partner closely with advanced manufacturing engineering , Quality, Test Engineering, Logistics, and our contract manufacturing partners providing early and ongoing manufacturing involvement to ensure new products are manufacturing-capable from concept, to mass production and through end of life. You will also collaborate with XFN to drive operational excellence, information intelligence, and sustainability at our contract manufacturer (CM) factories. You will play as a critical interface between contract manufacturers and Meta.


15+ years’ experience in Operations/General Management in manufacturing company in China, with 8+ leadership experience

Demonstrated technical skills and experience, including a detailed understanding of Final Assembly, Test, Pack and SMT processes

Ideal candidates are those with experience in high volume mass production. Candidates must have strong manufacturing experience in the operation field, and strong vision in operational excellence. This must also be complemented with strong interpersonal and communication skills, keen focus on driving business results, ability to work in ambiguous environments, and strong willingness to collaborate and optimize overall business objectives.

Candidate must demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills, keen focus on driving business results, ability to work in ambiguous environments, and strong willingness to collaborate and optimize overall business objectives

Experience in using process driven and analytical approaches to problem-solving (Six Sigma, 8D, FMEA, etc.)

Proven bottom line project management experience (Planning, Cost, & Delivery)

Proven strong interpersonal and communication skills, Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin and English

Ability to operate in an ambiguity environment and quickly adjust themselves to new conditions . Can identify and leverage opportunities for themselves to build resilience and capacity for change to support business requirements.

Great strategic thinking to solve difficult problems and have a clear vision of future industry trends for operation. Can leverage their expertise to creatively solve problems and have deep understanding of a future factory in operational excellence and information intelligence development etc.


Lead the new CM factory bring-up in China and oversea to support RL roadmap.

Assess exiting CM capabilities to identify opportunities to improve CM operational capabilities and implement operational strategy to inline with product roadmap.

Driving factory readiness through early engagement with CM to ensure a smooth ramp.

Lead factory planning in the early stage through campus, capacity, MFG LT design, factory layout and material flow plan etc. to ensure factory readiness

Drive both Meta internal and external teams in the ramp stage to ensure operation commitment in Ex-F delivery.

Collaborate with the Xfn team on issue fixing and facilitate the issue resolution and escalation . Oversee day-to-day MFG in CM through production planning, capacity utilization, space utilization, labor management, factory cost and MES & production reporting, to ensure factory meet operational performance.

Manages line conversion between programs to support Capex re-use, ECN & PRQ execution at factories and participates in the justification review board

Lead the Smart Factory development in driving operational excellence, developing information intelligence and supporting sustainability.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience in relative industry with high-volume and fast ramp pace program management, bring-up/ qualify and transfer manufacturing in different areas/ region

Experience with complicated production and operation system bring up and qualification

Data and facts driven, able to understand and navigate complex issues, provide solutions.

Problem solving skills

Proven strong interpersonal and communication skills.