Meta AR/VR Job | PCB Layout Engineer

Job(岗位): PCB Layout Engineer

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2023-7-19


Meta Reality Labs is seeking a PCB Layout Engineer. In this role you will be working with hardware engineers, CMs, and PCB/Assembly vendors to determine PCB stack-up, apply design constraints, perform component placement and signal routing and DFM. You will assist hardware engineers to perform signal integrity and power integrity analysis, and release fab and assembly packages.


BS in EE or equivalent practical experience

5+ years of PCB design experience

Exprience with Cadence tool sets

Experience in managing and coaching CMs and PCB vendors

Prepare fabrication notes, assembly notes, and all deliverables, such as Gerber files, drill charts, PCB assembly BOMs, and other PCB and assembly related documents required by PCB fabrication vendors to build circuit boards for prototypes and products

Experience interpreting datasheets and schematics, generating netlists and constraints, and using schematic for layout and routing reference

Experience with PLM systems such as Agile

Knowledge and understanding of IPC, JEDEC, IEEE, and other electronic standards

Experience with HDI design. Knowledge of multilayer PCB layout, fabrication and assembly techniques including blind/buried vias, and microvias

Experience with Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex boards design and manufacturing

Experience in PCB layout design constraints for mixed/RF signal, high speed signal impedance control, memory interfaces, power distribution, heat dissipation, and optimization for EMI performance


Own and improve Meta PCB/FPC design processes, work with hardware team, contractors, and CM PCB teams to deliver fab releases.

Own complex PCB/FPC designs, containing analog, digital, RF, Camera, Display, Audio, Sensors and power charging components.

Manage and coach CM and PCB vendors on placement/routing/DFM/Working Gerber review to meet Meta design quality.

Create and manage PCB documentation including fabrication and assembly packages, such as Gerber, ODB, BoM, fab and assembly drawings.

Interface with board fabrication vendor to select proper materials and stack-up, use correct impedance and DFX rulesets.

Work with assembly vendors to supply data and seek assembly design requirements. Resolve DFM and manufacturing related issues.

Work with hardware engineers and document control departments to release fab and assembly packages into a company-wide PLM system. Author ECO’s if necessary.

Work closely with ECAD librarians on maintaining and expanding the company-wide library.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience with mSAP technologies

Experience with SiP technologies

10+ years experience of PCB layout design using Cadence Allegro

Proven track record to design & manage all aspects of the printed board design used in high volume consumer products

Experience in cost effective consumer electronics design

Knowledge in EMC compliance, environmental safety compliance