Meta AR/VR Job | Waveguide Architect

Job(岗位): Waveguide Architect

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-12-28


The Display and Optic (D&O) team is driving the development of beyond-state-of-the-art display and optical solutions for Augmented systems leveraging differentiated capabilities in computation, materials, process integration, and optical design.

We are currently seeking an innovative Waveguide Architect with experience in driving advanced near-eye display technology productization.


Masters Degree or PHD or equivalent experience in Engineering, Physics, Optics or related fields.

Experience with waveguide designs and fabrication technologies.

Experience presenting to upper-level management and decision makers.

Experience collaborating across a wide set of people, i.e. leadership, product managers, engineering, research, user experiences to deliver a balanced system.

Experience with developing optics for products. Experience working with manufacturing partners to drive development cycle of optical systems.

Experience with methods of light propagation both in wave and ray domains as well as in mixed models.

Experience with optical design and modeling methods and tools for imaging and illumination systems.

Experience working with product management and program management to transition systems from the labs into product maturation.

Experience with experimental optics and laboratory work associated with set-up of proof-of-concept systems and in display performance evaluation.

Experience with color science and perceptual science.


Lead a multi-year effort spanning multiple functional teams within Meta Reality labs focused on delivering differentiated optical performance for near-eye display technology.

Clearly develop and communicate the multi-year technical strategy. Document research and development work streams including critical technology checkpoints and down selections for next generation near-eye display technology.

Collaborate with organization leadership to develop appropriate resource mapping to drive technical direction.

Development and document functional specifications for display components.

Work with Optical Systems and Modeling of critical component technologies to meet system requirements.

Collaborate with internal and external partners to prototype and validate the designs towards size, weight, cost, and performance targets.

Provide guidance and feedback to design, fabrication, and metrology teams for next generation near-eye displays.

Develop component functional requirement documentation and drive discussions with cross-functional teams including Hardware Engineering and Product management that aligns technology solution space with product requirements.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

10+ years experience leading applied research or development in display and/or optics domains.

Experience completing one or more productization cycles for complex display solutions in augmented reality or an equivalent technology space such as VR.

Experience as a FRD document owner.

Experience optimizing display performance based on perceptual experience.

Experience with optical design using standard design software such as VirtualLab, FRED, LightTools, Zemax, or CODE V.

Experience with multiple optical technologies in areas such as imaging or illumination systems, light sources, thin films, polarization optics, adaptive optics, or color science.

Experience with optics metrology tools such as interferometers, image quality testers, and polarimeters.

Experience with electromagnetic modeling and analysis of nanoscale structures, anisotropic materials, films, or holographic elements.