Meta AR/VR Job | Technical Artist

Job(岗位): Technical Artist

Type(岗位类型): 3D Product Design | Research

Date(发布日期): 2022-12-1


Meta Reality Labs Research (RL-R) is a world leader in the design of virtual and augmented reality systems. We’re looking for an experienced Technical Artist to join our Digital Humans team to help create, refine, and integrate a range of 3D character (and other) assets – both photoreal and artistically stylized – into groundbreaking interactive demo experiences. You will partner closely with research scientists, engineers, and other technical and 3D artists to advance the quality and expressiveness of VR/AR avatars – to be used by billions of users around the globe in future Meta apps and platforms.


5+ years of experience with rigging and simulation in Houdini, Maya, Blender, or similar packages

Experience creating polygonal meshes, materials, tailored clothing, and hair grooms

3+ years experience with VEX, Python, Maya Python/PyMEL, or C++ API

3D math fundamentals as applied to character rigging systems

3+ years of experience in film and/or game development as a Technical Artist

Knowledge of human anatomy/mechanics and associated digital modeling, motion/animation principles

Knowledge/experience with simulations (e.g. cloth & hair), materials & shaders

Experience collaborating on and communicating across multi-disciplinary teams, including engineers and artists


Re-implement offline character rigging systems, clothing and hair for VR

Convert film quality materials to be performant in runtime environments

Create rigs of various levels of complexity (facial, full body, hands)

Contribute to and help maintain a wide array of existing and new workflows and tools

Implement lighting and effects to help ground our characters in different virtual spaces

Partner closely with research, art and engineering teams

Quickly solve issues with your cross-functional leads

Ability to work effectively within often-ambiguous or changing parameters, collaborating and iterating based on the team’s needs

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Extensive experience in visual effects/3D animation with emphasis on digital humans

Experience with physics-based simulation (flesh, cloth, hair, rigid bodies)

Experience with look development for character asset creation

Experience with character tools/pipeline design and implementation