Apple AR/VR Job | Tech Lead: Data centric Machine Learning

Job(岗位): Tech Lead: Data centric Machine Learning

Citys(岗位城市): Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2022-10-10


Apple’s Video Engineering team (VE) delivers CVML based algorithms for ground breaking features such as augmented reality (AR), Cinematic Video, RoomPlan, FaceID and Animoji. All of these features depend on high quality data collection, data understanding, and data curation. In this position, you will use modern techniques in Deep Learning to enable such high-quality on-device algorithms. You will work on the design of data collection protocols, analysis and curation of collected data, creation of ML-based Core Datasets, and closing the feedback loop between trained model performance and new dataset requirements. Your goal is to help bridge the gap from “it works” to “it’s magical”. As a member of the fast-paced algorithm development team, you will have the rewarding opportunity to shape upcoming products that will delight and inspire millions of people every day.


To succeed within this role, you should have shown experience in several of the following areas:

Ability to define/design/develop data collection efforts that focus on the end-to-end user experience, including anticipating potential failure modes, edge cases, and anomalies

Have skills in finding patterns in data, identifying targets for performance, and applying modern statistical and ML-based methods to model data distributions for reducing redundancy and detecting and addressing out-of-distribution samples

You are self-motivated and curious with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities and an innate drive to improve how things work

You have a high tolerance for ambiguity. You find a way through. You anticipate. You connect and synthesize!

Excellent verbal and written communications skills and experience in influencing decisions with information

Extensive knowledge in machine learning and deep learning techniques

Proficiency in programming languages including Python, C++, or similar

Proficiency in at least one major machine learning framework such as PyTorch, Jax, or Tensorflow

Prior experience with large data sets using technologies like Hadoop, Hive, and Spark is a plus

Prior experience with analytical tools is a plus


As a Data-centric ML lead, you’ll be responsible for the team’s data strategy. You will be collaborating with multi-functional teams to collect, validate and process the data. You will train and validate models to show the value of the data

Your job responsibilities will include:

Contribute to the design of CVML data collection, including hardware, software, user interface specifications, and collection protocols

Design and implement supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised algorithms for data labeling, cleaning, deduplication, and distribution balancing

Design and implement model evaluation pipelines

Analyze collected data and show how the collected data contributes to the model performance. Design and implement tools that will support this analysis

Collaborate with multi-functional teams including algorithm, hardware, software, product design, project management, legal, procurement, security, logistics and vendors to define and deliver necessary study elements