Meta AR/VR Job | Manager of LCP Technology Commercialization

Job(岗位): Manager of LCP Technology Commercialization

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA | Menlo Park, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-9-8


Meta’s Display & Optics team (D&O) within the Reality Labs organization is looking for a Manager of Technology Commercialization, LCP (MTC). The MTC for liquid crystal polymers (LCP) is responsible for the technical decisions impacting the commercialization of LCP technology. The MTC will also be responsible for transferring LCP technology to key LCP business partners. The MTC works with a range of cross-functional teams such as Technical Program Managers (TPM’s), Product Tech Leads, and LCP engineers. The MTC has experience directing in-house teams and external vendors and working with product teams to understand and define LCP commercialization requirements that inform and direct the commercialization process. The MTC also has the deep technical and engineering understanding of LCP required to drive the technical choices and direction the LCP technology commercialization process including the design, fabrication and application of LCP and how that technical knowledge intersects business concerns.


Experience in process maturation, including knowledge of fabrication/vendor processes.

10+ years of experience in technology commercialization in LCP or relevant technologies.

Experience working with, and building consensus with, internal and external stakeholders.

Experience setting priorities, problem solving, multi-tasking, and working independently.

Experience in vendor management.

10+ years of experience technical and/or engineering work within the LCP or related industry.

Experience in cross-functional and executive communications and presentations.


Manage the engineering trade-offs necessary and drive cross-functional engagement, both internal and external, to deliver on the commercialization of LCP.

Communicate commercialization requirements across multiple teams.

Communicate progress, challenges and orchestrate trade-off analysis when required to overcome commercialization issues.

Drive cross-functional engineering efforts to define commercialization requirements with the LCP technology team. This may include various commercialization aspects such as equipment development, technology transfer, and various metrology and fabrication requirements.

Support TPMs in evaluation, validation, and delivery to specs of LCP technology.

Work collaboratively and cross-functionally with various optics-focused product and business teams to overcome technical and engineering issues and increase adoption of LCP across Meta’s AR and VR products.

Apply LCP knowledge and expertise to enable the LCP supply chain as well as to meet technical KPIs.

Utilize LCP expertise to help product teams apply LCP in Meta products.

Quickly and efficiently troubleshoot, escalate, and resolve LCP commercialization issues to ensure that D&O can deliver to the LCP roadmap.

Ability to travel as needed globally.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience with design/manufacturing of optical thin films.

Experience with full life cycle technology launches.

Experience working with partners throughout the world, particularly third parties, preferably in Japan.

Advanced degree such as a PhD or MBA.

Experience with HMD (Head Mounted Displays).

Experience developing manufacturing process(es) for optics and displays.