Meta AR/VR Job | TPM for Capture Systems

Job(岗位): TPM for Capture Systems

Type(岗位类型): Program Management

Citys(岗位城市): Pittsburgh, PA

Date(发布日期): 2022-8-18


Meta Reality Labs Research is dedicated to the research and development required to bring virtual and augmented reality to billions of people around the world. To give people the power to build community, to share what matters most to them, and to bring people closer together. To that end, our team is specifically focused on making interpersonal, social experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality, perceptually indistinguishable from real life. Our goal? To enable the ability to interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

At Reality Labs Research, you will join a world-class team exploring cutting edge machine learning, computer vision, hardware, software, and state-of-the-art Augmented and Virtual reality technology. Every day, you will work alongside the world’s leading Program Managers, Research Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Software Engineers to create the technology that will make VR and AR pervasive and universal.

For this role, RLR is looking for an exceptional Technical Program Manager to join our team. If your passion and experience lies in working with multidisciplinary teams and building the right processes and methodologies for them; if you’ve had experience with complex cutting edge technology; if you thrive helping your team coordinate and collaborate in the face of ambitious and ambiguous challenges, taking on work that has never been done before; we might have a spot for you.


Experience in working with cross-functional teams

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent experience

5+ years of project management experience, including leadership, task tracking, dependency management and cross-group collaboration experience

Experience with rapid prototype and development practices

Experience in systems engineering processes and development lifecycle, requirements development, system design, build, verification and validation, deployment, retirement

Experience with hardware and software integration


Accountable for driving completion of new data collection systems includes requirements, design, build, verification and validation and deployment

Partner with research to collect system level requirements and drive the derivation of sub-system level requirements for new motion-capture systems

Build out tasks, timelines, and project management structures. Work with cross-discipline teams to set milestones, communicate project statuses, and identify/address potential setbacks

Set and maintain expectations

Keep partners and stakeholders informed and involved

Engage with partners and cross-functional teams to identify constraints, dependencies, and coordination areas, to deliver features at high quality

Responsible for the rules of reality

Ensure the team has a unified clear vision, understood goals, and expectations of progress

Ensure work is adequately resourced and scoped

Effectively escalate or resolve resourcing issues to accomplish the team’s mission

Represent your program at a deep level throughout the organization, build the appropriate communication channels both within and outside the team

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Familiarity of computer and networking architectures

Experience working with construction teams to ensure that system specifications are translated to functional systems

Experience managing direct reports

Experience building and managing relationships with hardware vendors and other external partners, including creating statements of work and negotiating purchase agreements

7+ years of project management experience

Experience building sensing systems which include cameras, depth sensors, IMUs, microphones

Experience taking a system from concept to deployment

System design and verification/validation planning experience with one or more sub-systems or engineering disciplines (e.g., Electrical, Mechanical, Software, etc.)