Meta AR/VR Job | Reality Labs Prototyping Shop Manager | Oculus

Job(岗位): Reality Labs Prototyping Shop Manager | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Computer Vision | Design, Engineering, Hardware, Research

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-5-25


Meta Reality Labs is looking for a Prototyping Shop Manager, to lead and grow our world class teams of CNC machinists, model makers, and prototyping technicians. They will work hand in hand with our engineering and research teams to bring ground breaking AR/VR technology to the world through rapid hardware iteration. This role is instrumental in our ability to prototype and do small scale production around novel technology that empowers our vision of the Metaverse. We are looking for a proven leader with the ability to leverage and develop industry best practices that allow our teams to go from idea to prototype faster than ever before.


5+ years experience leading a team of machinists in a prototyping or job shop environment.

10+ years experience in machining or model making field, including extensive experience programming for and operating five-axis milling machines, including cutting tool selection, CAM software selection, workholding strategy, machine specification, and troubleshooting machine problems.

Proven understanding and experience with industry best practices such as: machine simulation and verification, creating workflows for pallet loading and automation (in a prototype environment), running “lights out”, tool tracking and management in large magazine capacity equipment, analysis and problem solving around shop bottle necks and capacity limitations.

Demonstrated operational excellence, experience in successfully building and operating shop operational models focused on speed, flexibility, and quality.

Proven experience leading and managing an organization or a team for high effectivity and health.

Fundamental physics and materials knowledge as they relate to machining.

Knowledge of design factors that impact manufacturability and an experience communicating with authority to their first-principles drivers.


Lead the Reality Labs Research world-class Machine and Model Making Shop, managing a team of machinists and model makers to execute on research projects or tasks.

Work closely with the supported teams (engineering, design, research scientists etc.) to understand their needs and build out the facilities, staff and experience to enable their success.

Work closely with facilities and operations to plan lab and shop spaces with a focus on safety, efficiency, and low friction for the teams and people who use them.

Create and drive forward safety, organization, efficiency, and productivity with expectations of continuous improvement.

Maintain and continue to develop World-Class prototype machining excellence. This includes always striving to increase flexibility, velocity, and capabilities as new technologies and processes emerge in the industry.

Maintain the budget and operational duties of running a world class prototyping facility.

Create maintenance and service plans for equipment and spaces.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Formal education in a discipline relevant to the field: engineering, science, product design, or manufacturing, or equivalent work experience.

Experience to easily interpret GD&T, and to choose a measurement approach that suits the parts to be measured.

Comfort with optimizing a machining process to match customer requirements, whether it be dimensional accuracy, cosmetics, or turnaround time, and with providing accurate estimates to reflect.

Extensive, hands-on experience with commercial-grade 3D printing equipment.

Formal work experience making cosmetic appearance models, including surface finishing.

Experience in tool and die work or proficient with close-tolerance milling, turning, and wire EDM.

Experience in working to optical-mechanical parts tolerances of microns.