Meta AR/VR Job | Research Scientist

Job(岗位): Research Scientist

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Cork, Ireland

Date(发布日期): 2022-5-15


At Meta, we’re developing the future of AR/VR. The displays and optics team based in Cork, Ireland is dedicated to developing hardware components for next-generation products. The Devices Team is looking for a Research Scientist with experience in LED material systems, technology evaluation and display development. This role is particularly suited for a candidate would has worked at a senior level in a new technology development environment.


Bachelor’s degree or higher (ideally PhD) in physics, chemistry or materials science

5+ years’ experience in III-V semiconductor devices and/or display technologies.

Demonstrated experience in leadership of research programs.

Experience evaluating new technologies and creating programs to evaluate their suitability.


Develop a detailed understanding of the requirements for new display technologies

Build a range of technical engagements and evaluate offerings from partners.

Build cross-functional engagements between system, research, engineering and other functions to ensure all needs at present.

Develop a number of research programs internally and with partnerships to evaluate the potential opportunities

Anticipate future program needs and align with key teams.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience in building a new display technology.

Knowledge of state-of-the-art bonding, assembly technologies and/or high density interconnect technologies.

Background of moving technologies through NTI/NPI process.

Extensive network in research and development for semiconductor / displays.