Meta AR/VR Job | R&D Process Technician- Cork, Ireland

Job(岗位): R&D Process Technician- Cork, Ireland

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Cork, Ireland

Date(发布日期): 2022-5-6


At Meta, we’re developing the future of AR/VR displays. As an R&D Process Technician, your role is critical to this work. Your job will be hands on building and developing these displays while working closely with both Research Teams and Engineering Teams. You will help deliver projects on time, identify and solve complex problems, and work on some of the most advanced equipment in the world. To be successful, you are adaptable and resilient, eager to approach unfamiliar problems with curiosity and tenacity, and able to find ways to help our teams be more efficient.


Diploma in manufacturing, industrial engineering, materials science, electrical engineering or related field (or relevant equivalent experience) – Bachelor’s degree preferred

Practical hands-on experience in 1 of the following areas, Deposition, Lithography, Dry Etch, Wet chemistry, CMP and Metrology. Dicing, Grinding, Bonding or LLO

6+ months clean room experience

6+ months of manual semiconductor wafer processing

6+ months experience with Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Basic understanding of semiconductor processing and integration

Demonstrated ability to complete tasks with reliable consistency, care, safety and attention to detail.

Understanding of health and safety requirements in a clean room environment

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written


Work as part of a Process Technician Team, conducting experiments and building devices using the latest semiconductor equipment in a cleanroom environment.

Working with process and device integration engineers to identify problems and define corrective actions to build stable and repeatable processes.

Accurately documenting and analyze batch data to promote quality and cycle time and keep projects on track.

Running of wafers/samples on semiconductor and LAB tools.

Submission of written reports based on work completed.

Updating end of shift handover/passdown with accurate representation of tool and wafer status.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

1-2 years’ experience working in semiconductor or LED environment

Problem-solving aptitude

Self-starter with strong analytical and organizational skills

Familiar with fab Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – Workstream, eyelit, promis.