Meta AR/VR Job | Senior Lighting Technical Artist – Ready at Dawn | Oculus

Job(岗位): Senior Lighting Technical Artist – Ready at Dawn | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Games

Citys(岗位城市): Remote, US | Irvine, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-4-21


A Lighting Technical Artist is the key bridge between lighting artists and engineers, and Ready is Dawn is currently looking for a passionate team member to closely work with graphics programmers and tools team to help build the next cutting-edge real-time graphics and technology for VR/AR.

We are excited to hear from candidates passionate about creating beautiful game worlds, and collaborating with a diverse group of designers, artists, and engineers to craft environments that intuitively support the gameplay within, and help evoke deliberate emotions, storytelling, and pacing from the player experience. Knowledge of visual communication techniques using value, form, and color is very important in the role, as well technical and organizational processes for achieving stable and performant real-time lighting within a game engine.


5+ years experience as a Lighting Artist with proven technical and artistic problem-solving skills.

Technical understanding of Physically-Based Rendering and HDR pipelines in standard game engines such as Unity or Unreal and art pipelines.

Experience taking initial direction, coloring keys, and using interpretive judgment to light gameplay spaces to a high degree of polish and playability.

Knowledge of game lighting techniques (vertex baking, lightmaps, light probes, dynamic, etc.), trade-offs and the performance implications associated with it on the target hardware.

Efficient organization and communication skills and experience prioritizing and executing ideas within a schedule.

Submitted demo reels includes samples of work and an exact breakdown of your specific contribution to the material submitted along with resume featuring references.

A portfolio with examples of work in games or film.


Craft and lead the development of lighting tools and workflow in collaboration with lighting lead and engineering teams.

Test out new lighting tools and features, create and maintain documentation.

Continuously assess and clearly communicate potential concerns and blockers with engineering and other development teams.

Work with engineering and lighting team to optimize for scalable performance, simplify lighting workflows while still pushing the boundaries of visual quality.

Contribute to building internal community by encouraging artistic development, showcasing workflows, artistic techniques, providing quality feedback, and mentoring others.

Implement real-time game lighting using a variety of techniques (baked, dynamic, probes), in an HDR and exposure balanced manner.

Collaborate with a mix disciplined ‘level pod’ (i.e. Level Design, Concept and Environment art, and SFX/VFX) to together evolve areas of the game from early graybox to final polish and optimization.

During pre-production, help with stylistic look development and researching new production techniques, workflows, and processes.

Actively improve skillset by staying on top of industry trends and techniques, new software, and product evaluation.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience with lighting, cinematography, or 2D illustration.

Programming experience with scripting languages such as Python or MEL.

Experience working with a proprietary game engine and tools pipeline.