Meta AR/VR Job | Product Design Manager, Input Explorations

Job(岗位): Product Design Manager, Input Explorations

Type(岗位类型): Design

Citys(岗位城市): Seattle, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-4-13


At Reality Labs, we are focused on defining experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality, finding new ways for people to connect and build communities and help people feel more present with each other even when we’re apart. Meta’s work in augmented and virtual reality spans a number of breakthrough technologies and touches industries ranging from entertainment and gaming to education and beyond. Oculus lets people defy distance with cutting-edge VR hardware; Portal helps friends and families stay connected and share the moments that matter in meaningful ways; while our AR teams are taking augmented reality to the next level with everything from glasses to wearables and more.

Our research teams invent and iterate on novel technologies that break exciting new ground. Our teams of designers, engineers, content designers and researchers are passionate about building the next personal computing platform that puts people at the center and enables them to be more present and connected with people they care most about.

We’re looking for a Product Design Leader who thrives working in ambiguous 0 to 1 spaces and is passionate about innovation at the front end of future products. This position will afford you the opportunity to explore the meaning and implementation of future input devices and technologies in spatial computing.

You have a balance of interaction design, visual design, people management and product thinking skills. You are customer obsessed and research driven. You’re a natural collaborator and care deeply about mentoring and growing teams. You will become part of a broader full-stack hardware, software, and design team prototyping and exploring new input and interaction paradigms and technologies for VR & AR.


4+ years of experience in Product Design

4+ years of design leadership experience with direct reports under your guidance and leadership

4+ years of experience working collaboratively with product, engineering, design, content and user research teams

Experience building and shipping applications or software across a variety of platforms

Experience leading product direction and strategic thinking with the experience developing product goals, identify opportunities, and make decisions based on the impact to people and the company

Experience representing work to a broader product team and other leaders, clearly and succinctly articulating the goals and concepts


Build and manage a talented, diverse, inclusive team of product designers, prototypers, and leaders that consistently delivers on projects and is well-balanced across a range of design skill sets in spatial computing

Responsible for overall team performance and health, resource allocation, project prioritization, and building a culture of design excellence

Lead and oversee the user experience of a product from conception to launch in partnership with software engineers, hardware engineers, and UX researchers

Take broad, conceptual ideas and turn them into useful and valuable products for our billions of users

Contribute to strategic decisions around the future direction of Meta’s products

Design end-to-end flows and experiences that are simple and elegant for our supported platforms

Define, craft and evolve designs within visual systems and/or standard

Proactively solicit and provide feedback from designers and a broader product team in order to continually raise our bar for quality, while also taking on mentorship

Cultivate a healthy design process for the team, and be a key contributor to your organization’s product strategy

Effectively communicate your team’s product goals (both within the team and outside the team), and connect related projects across the company so that problems or joint decisions can be resolved quickly

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience with delivering 0-1 products from concept stages to launch

Experience working on large scale, complex, ambiguous projects across multiple teams

Experience working with novel input technologies or building novel interfaces

Experience managing managers