Meta AR/VR Job | Manager, Prototype Molding

Job(岗位): Manager, Prototype Molding

Type(岗位类型): 3D Product Design | Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-22


Concept Proto is where new ideas start. Our teams provide everything needed to make and test the cutting-edge technologies that enable products at Reality Labs: mechanical and electrical design, machining, printing, casting, molding, assembly, laser processing, and repair. We move fast and are looking for people who are driven to find quick, efficient ways to realize ideas in a range of materials, with complex geometries, and under compressed timelines.

We get deeply involved in the hardware development process, partnering with the product design and research teams to apply our specific areas of expertise to their challenging problems. We take pride in being more than just a service to our customers.

We are looking for a hands-on, technical leader for a consolidated, centralized molding team that includes our existing urethane casting, RTV molding, and fledgling injection molding functions.


Bachelors in engineering/materials/scientific discipline

At least 10 years’ experience post-degree, including at least three years’ experience in a process or materials engineering capacity for polymers

Fundamental polymer chemistry and materials knowledge

Familiarity with running a molding press, going from cold press to finished part on your own and troubleshooting common process problems

Knowledge of design factors that impact manufacturability (section thickness, draft, texture, gate type and location, ejector pin location, slides and lifters, etc.), and experience communicating with authority to their first principles drivers

Experience systematically troubleshooting using fishbone diagrams and Design of Experiments


Guide practices across the team to align with a first principles-driven, scientific approach, leveraging a foundation of knowledge in polymer chemistry to drive experimentation for both internal processes as well as customer-facing projects

Bring production techniques and perspectives to our prototype-focused process

Work with product design engineers from initial concept to final prototype, engaging in an exchange of ideas to help solve the central problem at question, not just produce a part to print

Deliver an exceptional customer experience for a wide range of problems: from napkin sketches to scientific material experiments

Work with our team of experienced machinists and 3D print specialists to create process flows that optimize for different factors depending on the customer’s needs (quickest time to first part, surface finish, dimensional accuracy, etc.) so that we as a team can build a reliable, trusted service for our customers

Create and pursue a roadmap for the function that covers personnel, space, equipment, capabilities, and customer needs

Find new, high-impact opportunities for prototype molding across the Reality Labs organization in order to drive ever-greater value in the projects the team chooses to take on

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Masters degree

A working knowledge of two-part urethane, acrylate, and silicone materials

Experience with other plastic processes such as extrusion, compounding, thermoforming, and high pressure forming

Experience in tool and die work or proficient with close-tolerance milling, turning, and wire EDM

Experience working with Asian contract manufacturers and a strong contact list of preferred vendors/partners

Experience with LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber) molding

Experience with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and or Die Casting

Experience with molding qualification techniques such as cavity balancing, gate seal studies, process window studies and cycle time optimization

Experience with applied statistical process control methods