Meta AR/VR Job | Custom Circuit Design Automation Engineer | Oculus

Job(岗位): Custom Circuit Design Automation Engineer | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-11


As a Custom and Memory Circuit Design Automation Engineer at Facebook, you will work with a world-class group of engineers creating high performance and area/power efficient designs for our next generation, leading-edge AR chips and systems. You will work closely with circuit designers and layout engineers to build CAD infrastructure and develop design methodologies for custom circuits and memories.


Fundamentals in software development and programming skills in languages like Python, Perl, TCL, Skill, Shell, etc.

Experience with custom circuit design or memory circuit design and experience with advanced nodes and tape-outs

Experience in one or more of the following: simulation, parasitic extraction, EMIR analysis, physical verification, transistor-level static timing analysis, circuit equivalence verification, or liberty timing model generation and verification

Communication and interpersonal skills

Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent experience


Deploy and maintain tools and flows for custom circuit and memory circuit design

Innovate to enhance performance, power, area and design productivity

Develop reliable and reusable software integrating custom-developed and industry standard EDA tools

Support designers in solving issues related to tools and design environment

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

6+ years industry experience

Master’s degree in Electrical engineer or similar