Meta AR/VR Job | Silicon System Prototyping Manager

Job(岗位): Silicon System Prototyping Manager

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-7


Meta Reality Labs (FRL) focuses on connecting people through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The compute performance and power efficiency requirements of these ARVR products require custom silicon. The Facebook Agile Silicon Team (FAST) is driving the state-of-the-art forward with breakthroughs in computer vision, machine learning, mixed reality, graphics, displays, sensors, and new ways to map the human body. We believe the only way to achieve our goals is to look at the entire stack, from transistors, through architecture, to firmware and algorithms.

FAST End-to-end (E2E) system & infra team seeks a manager to lead silicon prototyping. The word ‘proto’ means original, primitive, first; anterior; relating to a precursor and so does this role! Our team is working closely with SoC architecture, SoC implementation, embedded FW, AR algorithm, and product teams to create first of its kind silicon. The only way we can build the “right” thing, is to quickly iterate on non-form-factor implementation. Our proto team puts the designs in pre-silicon platforms to enable the iterations of system integration/optimization to take place before silicon tapeout.

A successful candidate must have multiple years of hands-on experience in silicon prototyping (i.e. emulation, FPGA system, and/or virtual platforms), a deep understanding of shift-left paradigm, and a broad knowledge of silicon development from architecture, to design verification, to physical design, to validation, and to system integration. In addition, the role requires a prior experience of managing multiple teams, planning projects, managing priorities, and distributing resources across a portfolio of short/mid/long-term prototyping projects. The position needs a leader who can motivate team members, guide individual career growth, and cultivate a strong collaborative and supportive team culture.


10+ years of technical leadership experience including people management

Bachelor’s degree with 9+ years of experience or Masters with 7+ years of experience or PhD with 5+ years of experience in an engineering field

Solid knowledge in SoC architecture including CPU subsystems, memory hierarchy, on-chip interconnection networks, and off chip high-speed/low-speed iOS

Solid understanding of ASIC development flow from architecture, to design and verification, to physical design, and to validation

Experience with FPGA and/or emulation platforms and/or virtual platforms


Inspire and lead a team of silicon prototyping and emulation engineers

Collaborate with key partners to support new and ongoing projects

Drive proto projects planning, prioritization, and execution

Develop prototyping and emulation strategies, including vendor and tool selection, capacity planning and flow setup

Work closely with software and design verification engineers to enable software development and hardware verification for new silicon components

Work closely with embedded firmware engineers, algorithm engineers, software engineers, architects and designers to quickly prototype new systems and features

Identify and communicate technical risks related to the project to the stakeholders

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Knowledge of OS kernel and experience in driver development

Familiarity with HSIOs such as MIPI CSI & DSI, USB, PCIE, LPDDR

Skilled in design and verification using SystemVerilog, automation languages such as Python, and software development using C/C++

Experience with lab system silicon bring-up and debug with logic analyzers, scopes, meters, etc.

Results oriented, self-motivated, proactive with demonstrated creative & critical thinking skills

Capable of dealing with ambiguity in a fast changing consumer electronics field

Demonstrated cross-functional experience, with experience working with SoC team, Validation team, Product Design engineers, SW architecture, and other hardware/software functions

Excellent communication skills. Experience working in a cross functional and cross site team environment