Meta AR/VR Job | Audio Technical Program Manager | Oculus

Job(岗位): Audio Technical Program Manager | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Program Management | Research

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-3


At Reality Labs (RL) within Meta, we’re developing the future of augmented and virtual reality. As a Technical Program Manager, your job will be figuring out what we need to do to build this future and enabling our team to deliver it. You’ll be a critical member of a multi-disciplinary team contributing to our efforts to gain a scientific understanding of audio and the ways audio can be integrated with human and machine perception, input, display technology, haptics, and optics – ultimately translating audio technologies into compelling AR and VR experiences for our users.

You will work closely with internal Reality Labs and Meta teams and leverage your expert program management experience to bring order to chaos by listening carefully to the team’s needs and optimizing work management tools that enable them to create amazing audio technologies. You will provide scope definition strategies, communication strategies, team roles and responsibilities definitions, milestone definition and tracking tools, decision making tools, and risk mitigation plans. You will facilitate highly technical discussions ensuring clarity and focus while teasing out next steps to keep a forward momentum towards solving key problems for end users. You will coordinate collaboration between internal and external teams as well as manage partner and vendor relationships.

To be successful, you will need to eliminate barriers to your team’s success, clearly communicating results to all stakeholders and ensuring that the big picture stays in focus while delving into the details on specific issues. Ideal team members are highly curious, adaptable, tenacious, and resilient and they are eager to attack unfamiliar problems while using a light touch to help the team be more efficient and highly functional.


Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.

3+ years of program management experience or equivalent in Research, Applied Research, or Advanced Development delivering end-user facing technologies or services.

3+ years’ Research, SW engineering, or HW engineering professional experience.

Curiosity about technologies and ways they can be used to deliver amazing experiences.

Proven track record using leadership and facilitation skills to drive collaboration by delivering optimized program scope definitions, communications strategies, milestone definition and tracking tools, decision making tools, and risk mitigation plans.


Work with research to define and incubate key new audio experiences for future products.

Partner with product development teams to ensure smooth transition of technology enabled experiences into products.

Provide program scope, communication strategies, team roles and responsibilities, milestone definition and tracking, and risk mitigation plans – all custom tailored to fit the team and program.

Ensure that the information the team needs is complete, current, accurate, and accessible.

Provide key stakeholders with full visibility of the program progress and potential roadblocks.

Proactively identify technical, legal, procedural, logistical, and communication issues and drive creative solutions to fix them and manage risk.

Coordinate communication between internal and external teams and partners.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Graduate degree in Engineering, Science, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering.

Audio technology experience for consumer products, e.g. BT headsets, mobile phone, DSP algorithms, audio machine learning.

Experience in shipping AR/VR or other consumer product or services.

Experience working with a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, software engineers and hardware engineers.

Vendor and partner relationship management experience including setting up effective contracts and communication channels.