Meta AR/VR Job | Audio Transducer Design Engineer

Job(岗位): Audio Transducer Design Engineer

Type(岗位类型): Engineering | Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-1-11


As Audio Transducer Design Engineer, you will have a high degree of device architectural and audio transducer design and integration influence. Together with your colleagues, you will contribute to the development of the next cutting-edge social first hardware devices across AR/VR/Home (Glasses, Oculus and Portal).

We are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic, hands-on science driven individual. The successful candidate will be an instinctive self-motivated engineer who involves their head, heart and hands in the development process with a highly curious and collaborative mindset to identify and close design issues.

The FRL (Facebook Reality Labs) Audio Technology Team cares and designs for end-users to be frictionless and naturally connected with their loved ones in compelling device form factors where sound is a vital facet.

You will work in a vibrant audio community on all aspects of audio device and sub-system design and development.

You engage from early simulation driven concept work where we guide you to leverage and deploy limitless high performance compute to virtually down-select and quickly build-up successful experimental proof-of-concept prototypes.

On the way to mass production, you fully negotiate device integration, optimize transducer components and iterate with grit to pass our rigorous reliability requirements.

You employ systematic data driven virtual and experimental design methods, objective and subjective audio evaluation and a commonsense attitude to complex engineering challenges.

You know when the time is to hold the line – and when to let go moving forward.

The best fit for the role will be a gregarious communicator who is able to describe audio architecture and transducers and accompanying acoustic passive component challenges and solutions in a clear and concise manner.

You frame qualitative experiences to quantitative data during deep cross-functional dialogs to balance a given form factor with acoustic performance, reliability, power consumption and cost.

The FRL Audio Technology Team has comprehensive acoustic facilities, equipment, working methods and over all ownership of the full device acoustic performance all the way from architectural infant concepts to mass production.

This is a full-time position.


5+ years of experience working with micro-speaker, full-range, mid-range, woofer or tweeter transducers

3+ years of experience working cross-functionally on consumer hardware products with an understanding of assembly techniques, audio materials and transducer design methods

Experience in failure analysis (both hands-on and analyzing data)

Data visualization and presentation skills

Attention to detail, structured, process and simulation driven

BS or BA degree in a technical field or equivalent work experience


Primary cross-functional interface with PD/ID/EE/GSM/TPM/EPM/etc. and internal interface with our audio tuners and audio algorithm developers

You will design custom transducers and optimize vendor components and sub-components for best cost, acoustic and reliability performance related to their enclosures, ports, passive radiators, grills, acoustic meshes and fabrics dictated by the form factor

Present concise and coherent observations, conclusions and recommendations of high fidelity virtual simulations and experimental measurements to establish performance targets and concepts to gaining cross-functional and leadership buy-in

Multiphysics simulations of transducers in device form factor and sub-components optimization (suspensions and motors systems) using fast moving lumped-parameter tools (MicroCap, PSpice, MATLAB, etc.) in tandem with advanced continuous-parameter FEA/BEA-tools (COMSOL, ANSYS, Abaqus, etc.)

Experimentally benchmark, characterize and verify transducer and speaker performance using industry standard tools (SoundCheck, Audio Precision, Klippel R&D, SCN and NFS, Keyence/Polytec Scanning lasers, acoustic cameras, etc.)

Facilitate our manufacturing partners factory test design and test specifications of transducers in their device intended enclosures

Curious and intrigued to start building and calibrating non-linear material models based on advanced audio specific dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)

Support bring up, oversee and audit new transducer and devices based on Engineering Requirement Specifications (ERS) with limited international travel

Evaluate, develop and design-in new materials and new technologies

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

MS in EE, MS in ME or Ph.D. in Acoustics, Physics or equivalent

Audio architectural design experience

Avid user of COMSOLs Acoustic, AC/DC and Structural modules

Knowledge of DSP tuning methods, echo cancellation algorithms (return loss vs. double talk performance trade-offs and speech intelligibility), active noise cancellation (ANC), up and downlink signal processing, array beamforming techniques, smart amplifiers, dynamic range control and compressors balancing loudness and perceived quality, dynamic and static EQs on linear and nonlinear audio device performance