Meta AR/VR Job | Research Engineer Intern, Imaging System Simulation (PhD)

Job(岗位): Research Engineer Intern, Imaging System Simulation (PhD)

Type(岗位类型): Computer Vision | Engineering, Hardware, Machine Learning, Research

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): Before 2021-12-14


The Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) Sensors Team is helping build novel products in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Facebook AR/VR research in Motion Sensing Hardware is driving the state-of-the-art forward through relentless innovation. Our team explores, develops, and delivers new cutting-edge technologies that serve as the foundation of current and future AR/VR products at Facebook.

Our team is looking for candidates with a good understanding of the image process in camera systems applied in eye/face/hand tracking or SLAM applications. We are looking for a candidate with research experience in the imaging system simulation to help on building an image sensor KPI simulator with the capability to integrate tracking system simulation pipelines.

Our internships are twelve (12) to sixteen (16) weeks long and we have various start dates throughout the year.


Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a PhD degree in computer science or related field with a focus on computer vision or tracking system design

Must obtain work authorization in the country of employment at the time of hire and maintain ongoing work authorization during employment

Understand image processing pipeline in camera systems

Experience in imaging system simulation


Investigate existing tracking system simulation pipelines

Propose a new simulation pipeline platform to handle different applications

Build realistic image sensor model to cover most key sensor performance parameters

Calibrate sensor model with real scene image

Integrate sensor model with new simulation pipeline platform to evaluate the impact of the sensor performance on system performance

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Intent to return to degree-program after the completion of the internship

Experience in eye/face/hand tracking or SLAM system design or simulation

Knowledge of machine learning

Experience in performance and optimization of CV/ML or image processing software modules, particularly in the context of AR, VR, and or/MR

Experience coding in Matlab, Python, and C/C++