Meta AR/VR Job | UX Research Manager, Horizon Metaverse Experiences

Job(岗位): UX Research Manager, Horizon Metaverse Experiences

Type(岗位类型): Games

Citys(岗位城市): Seattle, WA

Date(发布日期): 2023-10-2


Our UX Research team is designing for the global diversity of human needs, which requires us to deeply understand the behaviors of the people behind them.

The Metaverse is a company priority, and we’re looking to build the next generation of internet experiences where people feel like they are together, even when they are physically apart. Our strategy is to build a synchronous social network where people can come together to experience immersive spaces, games and communities in real-time.

On this team we tackle some of the most complex research problems to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and the virtual world, and work collaboratively to contribute new ideas to products that will impact the experiences of billions of people on a global scale.

We are looking for UX Research Manager to lead our Horizon Experiences team with research, communication and people management skills to drive critical aspects of our understanding and product strategy.


Bachelor’s degree or significant experience conducting UX research with meaningful business impact

18+ years of experience conducting and/or studying research post-Bachelor’s degree

5+ years of experience directly managing, coaching and developing full-time researchers

Experience navigating and supporting teams through high ambiguity and rapid change

Experience directly managing across different research methodologies

Experience directly conducting primary research (either qualitative or quantitative) end-to-end (i.e., designing, fielding, analyzing and reporting out data)

Experience building teams over time through hiring, growing, and retaining high-performing researchers

Experience building and setting research strategy that connects with business strategy

Track record of translating research into business impact

Experience working with a variety of cross-functional peers and stakeholders (e.g., product managers, data scientists, designers, engineers, policy, communications, marketing)


Independently manage a research team that is large in size and/or complexity.

Identify problems and proactively drive solutions.

Have a point of view about strategic decisions, using insights from the team. Understand how to influence stakeholders and leaders to implement the best ideas.

Become a trusted, strategic partner to product stakeholders by communicating and demonstrating the value of user research, and by delivering insights that lead to demonstrable business value.

Communicate clearly and effectively across all organizational levels.

Show care and set clear expectations and goals for individuals and the team.

Make staffing decisions based on business priorities, both short term and long term, as well as team strengths and motivation.

Identify gaps and solutions for future growth and scale within the team or organization, including system, product, function, partnership, culture and/or organization opportunities.

Responsible for the quality of the team, including coaching, growing IC’s and managers (if applicable) and coaching under-performing team members.

Build a diverse and an inclusive environment across the team, model inclusive behaviors, and hold managers accountable.

Give clear, actionable feedback on a timely basis.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Graduate degree

Experience with business products, business insights, and product development

10+ years of UX research experience

Experience working in games or entertainment