Meta AR/VR Job | Quality Assurance Engineer

Job(岗位): Quality Assurance Engineer

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): London, UK

Date(发布日期): 2023-10-13


At Meta Reality Labs, we innovate novel optical hardware for the next generation of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices. The R&D team is responsible for delivering the necessary technology for 3D-printing of optical components. The scope to deliver technology reaches from Hardware, Software, Material and printing strategies to deliver high quality parts. To meet the high (optical) requirements the Quality Assurance Team is responsible to identify the quality level of the technology provided, identify the gap and define the potential areas of improvements.

The ideal candidate would have the ability to adapt/learn, work collaboratively across fast-paced, multidisciplinary teams. This candidate is comfortable taking a leading role for the QA-work needed to support the R&D team. We are looking for someone who is well-versed in taking on high level tasks, determining what low-level steps need to be taken, and working in a self-guided fashion toward achieving the desired outcome.


BS/MS degree in Physics, Electrical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or equivalent industry experience.

5+ years of experience in technology, with experience in a similar testing role.

Experience in setting up and managing quality improvement programs is a must.

Ability to aggregate data and transform data into meaningful information.

Proven experience in six-sigma.

Experience with internal customer interactions and cross-functional work.

Ability to thrive in a fast paced, startup environment

Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.


You define, create and deploy QA-tools/report the monitor the performance of the 3DP-ers and the printed lenses over multiple locations to ensure that the results are meeting the requirements.

You combine analytical and conceptual thinking, physical insight, flexibility, and a structured way of working to deliver sustainable project results.

You will manage improvement projects to implement sustainable changes.

Work with different stakeholders to align on measurement needs and reporting.

Deliver projects on-time.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Knowledge of data management is necessary, however technical competencies e.g. SQL, data mining, R, Power BI, excel, Experience with Tableau, Python, and/or Matlab is preferred.

Good knowledge of physics, optics and software to support the ability to truly understand the production-process and the end-product.