Meta AR/VR Job | Sensor Characterization Engineer

Job(岗位): Sensor Characterization Engineer

Type(岗位类型): Engineering

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2023-8-5


We are looking for a Sensor Characterization Engineer that will help evaluate imaging sensors, including CMOS image sensor, ALS sensor, SWIR sensor, and new emerging image sensors. This position plays an important role in contribution to Meta’s AR/VR and wearable device development. This individual will be responsible for sensor characterization methodology development, standardizing sensor characterization test flow, optical test setup, test automation, data analysis, and problem solving.


Knowledge of statistics data analysis applied in sensor performance evaluation

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Optics, Physics, or a related discipline

4+ years of industry experience in sensor development, pixel operation, characterization and performance metrics

Knowledge of imaging sensor standard characterization test, such as CMOS image sensor, ALS sensor and SWIR sensor

Experience with imaging sensor characterization hardware and software

Experience developing standard sensor characterization test plan

Programming, simulation and modeling experience with coding languages, example: C/C++, Python, or MATLAB

Knowledge of device physics, statistic data analysis and knowledge with imaging process


Collaborate with internal and external design team, computer vision scientists, optical experts and system architects to develop next generation sensor technologies

Develop new imaging sensor characterization methodologies to evaluate sensor performance based on VR/AR application

Help to standardize image sensor characterization test flow by creating test plan, developing test standard, and building up standard data analysis program

Collaborate with sensor architect and tech lead to evaluate and develop new image sensor technologies

Performing sensor characterization test following standard testing flow

Create, maintain, and operate opto-electronic test benches based on different use case requirements

Simulate and directly measure image sensor performance to understand the effect on the 2D and 3D sensing systems applied in VR/AR applications

Responsible for data collection, data analysis, documenting and presenting test results to both internal and external engineering teams

Develop automation test scripts using Python, MATLAB, or C/C++

Responsible for sensor debugging, root cause analysis, and problem solving

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Knowledge of sensor architecture, including pixel structure, analog readout circuit, and logic control

Masters/PhD in Electrical Engineering, Optics, Physics, or a related discipline

Experience in developing sensor specifications and working with new sensor development knowledge of industry standards