Apple AR/VR Job | Senior Software Engineer — Setup

Job(岗位): Senior Software Engineer — Setup

Citys(岗位城市): Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2023-7-13


Apple devices have revolutionized how people live, connect, and work. It’s not by chance! By thoughtfully blending beautiful, premium hardware with intuitive, innovative system software, we design and build a uniquely impactful user experience. The leading edge of this user experience is made up by the essential apps, components, and frameworks of System Experience. Come help dramatically improve the first experience that every iPhone, iPad, and Mac customer sees — the Setup experience. Work with an energetic, hard-working, fun team of managers, engineers, cross-functional teams, and world-class designers to deliver the best system experiences on the planet!


Stellar engineering quality & output — you separate concerns and define well-abstracted interfaces, delivering performant, well-tested, maintainable code with reasonable failure modes

Platform API design — you’re proficient at designing, building, and supporting a platform, understanding customer needs and constraints

Technical leadership — you exemplify “what good looks like” in code, in documentation, making and delivering on commitments, and prioritization

Customer focus- You make high-quality, user-centric product decisions

Mentorship — you make everyone around you smarter and purposefully invest in the growth of your peers — especially junior engineers

Critical thinking with influence — you systematically evaluate the tradeoffs associated with each potential solution to a problem, make an informed decision, and articulate these things well to influence others, driving impact

Track record of success — you have 4+ years of software engineering experience with impact to show for it


We’re the System Experience Setup team. We build Setup Assistant, the software that guides every iPhone, iPad, and Mac customer to set up their new device. Setup Assistant is the front door to these products – it is the most visible, critical piece of our customer onboarding process. We work with multiple cross-functional teams to continuously evolve the setup experience, which includes introducing many new hardware and software features.

We’re looking for a senior software engineer to help us solve the most impactful, complex problems our team faces. As a senior engineer on the Setup team, your responsibilities will include designing/implementing new features and refining the existing experience, all while ensuring quality at every step. You will set and uphold high standards for technical execution, and actively invest in the growth of your teammates. As a member of the Setup team, you will be collaborating with outstanding engineering and cross-functional partners. Our team culture is set up to help you succeed and grow as we deliver incredible user experiences together.