Apple AR/VR Job | Pro Workflow Application Engineer

Job(岗位): Pro Workflow Application Engineer

Citys(岗位城市): Culver City, California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2023-1-13


Join a unique and highly niche team of creatives and engineers within Apple tasked with shaping the future of the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Apple’s Pro Workflow team (part of the hardware division) is seeking an experienced iOS/iPadOS developer to join a small team designing, prototyping and building innovative new applications in the service of Pro Workflows. Our team is comprised of award-winning 3D/VFX, Video, Photography, and Audio creatives as well as highly specialized engineers and system architects. This individual will collaborate with a senior engineer and work multi-functionally to determine the best Apple technologies to bring to bear to help design and implement innovative new solutions to aid in the creative process.


1+ years of application development experience and UIKit development with a specific focus on building both iPhone and iPad apps.

A consistent track record of writing clear, efficient code in Objective-C and Swift.

A working knowledge of 3D computer graphics and workflows.

A desire to collaborate on the design and implementation of high performance, beautifully designed custom applications using Apple frameworks to be shared with the wider Apple development community.

Experience with Apple’s 2D and 3D frameworks, including SceneKit and ARKit.

Passion and interest to be hands on and influence the design of future Apple products including Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Key desire and ability to learn new things from creative processes and techniques to the interaction of computer technology with those processes and workflows.


The ideal candidate will collaborate internally with a senior engineer, creatives and technical experts to design, prototype, build and share applications using the entire Apple ecosystem. The emphasis will be on developing innovative workflows on both existing and future hardware as well as leveraging Apple’s unique software stack. This team plays a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of Apple hardware and its underlying system architecture.

We are also looking for a candidate that can contribute creatively to internal micro-productions in an effort to both optimize and innovate new workflows. The Pro Workflow team is committed to ensuring that Apple hardware and software remains on the cutting edge of real world workflows, and validates this by running through the production and post production process on shoots we direct as group several times a year. We then use what we learn from these micro productions to fix existing bottlenecks and work with other groups within Apple as well as 3rd parties to formulate new solutions.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Familiarity with Pixar’s Universal Scene Description open source project.

Familiarity with Python and command line tools.

Experience in collaborating directly with creative users of your applications and the ability to integrate that feedback and quickly add features/fix bugs/re-scope features.

Experience with AR / VR / MR

Experience with Machine Learning in a creative context