Meta AR/VR Job | Audio Engineering Lead

Job(岗位): Audio Engineering Lead

Type(岗位类型): Engineering | Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-12-7


The Technology Engineering Devices (TED) Audio System Engineering Team is looking for an experienced Audio Lead to drive audio development for the next generation of Meta devices. Successful candidates will be comfortable leading through domain experts, influencing within TED Audio and cross-functionally to ensure the products’ audio performance is greater than the sum of its subsystems without direct ownership of any subsystem. We are looking for a meaningful depth in all aspects of audio system development for consumer electronics – from early proof-of-concept technologies, feature trade-offs at device level, product development and testing challenges, through to production readiness. Our culture demands a data driven development process, combining objective measurements with perceptual audio evaluation to guide trade-offs with a focus on customer experience. The best fit for the role will communicate effectively at all levels, both representing and challenging TED Audio and cross-functional teams while relating customer experience with quantitative and qualitative data, taking a hard stance on audio experience and build quality for Meta products. The Audio Lead will drive engineering excellence that engages domain experts at appropriate times, optimizing the audio teams meeting load. The points below describe an example of a strong candidate, however we highly value motivation, work-ethic and enthusiasm: If you don’t fit this profile but believe you’re right for this position we want to hear from you.


Bachelor’s in Acoustics, Physics, EE, ME, or equivalent

5+ years of experience focused around audio system design, influencing cross-functional teams and leadership for the improvement of audio

Proven track record of partnering effectively to guide complex engineering challenges

Proven track record of taking projects from concept to production

Knowledge of acoustic system development utilizing tools including LEM/FEA, MATLAB, Max MSP, 3D Modeling (Nx, SolidWorks, etc.)

Understanding of audio architecture, design, optimization, testing, FACA


First stop for audio HW alignment and decisions, including relevant audio partners as required

Drive audio needs across all levels, connecting TED Audio and cross-functional partners

Own product level trade off decisions in collaboration with system/audio PM

Assist development team with audio system context and technical challenges

Understand when to dive deep, and when to rely on domain expertise (system vs. subsystem mindset)

Own acoustic & audio system level hardware decision-making process during development

Ensure seamless co-development of audio sub-systems

Collaborate closely with NTI, pulling technology advances to specific product intercept

Ensure all audio HW targets are relevant, developed, consolidated, and validated

Understand and communicate cost/risk/quality vs. customer benefit of device KPIs

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

10+ years of experience focused around audio system design in consumer electronics

Master’s or PhD in Acoustics, Physics, or equivalent

Experience in transducer design (speakers, microphone, MEM’s, etc.)

Experience with acoustic test development (lab, factory)

Experience with algorithm audio chain prototyping