Meta AR/VR Job | Research Scientist, Input and Interaction

Job(岗位): Research Scientist, Input and Interaction

Type(岗位类型): Research

Citys(岗位城市): New York, NY

Date(发布日期): 2022-9-15


At Meta Reality Labs (RL), our role is to explore cutting edge input hardware and realize novel user interfaces for the next generation of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences. We are searching for a skilled and motivated Research Scientist to join our team, whose mission is to unleash human potential by bridging the gap between user intent and system action.

We are specifically looking for a scientifically-minded candidate with experience in HCI and interactive computing. Our ideal candidate can go from ideation to implementation of data-driven prototypes with ease, and is looking for a work environment with access to cutting edge technology, resources, and testing facilities. More broadly, the chosen candidate will work with a diverse and highly interdisciplinary team of user researchers, prototypers, scientists, designers, and engineers to realize the potential of novel inputs and interfaces for AR/VR.


PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or related field, or equivalent experience

Experience working independently to design, execute, interpret, and present interactions research

Experience on the full input stack in AR/VR, wearables, or gesture-based systems


Ideate and articulate novel interaction techniques that will revolutionize the input stack on AR/VR

Plan and execute cutting-edge research of forward-looking interactions that are uniquely enabled by multimodal input sources, including neuromotor (EMG) sensors

Collaborate with designers, user researchers, and machine learning experts to unlock and perfect new capabilities to build interactions upon

Create prototypes which explore input and interaction techniques in a variety of AR/VR environments and situations

Evaluate the performance of input explorations and measure user response to AR/VR input solutions

Independently lead projects and work cross-functionally to bring research advancements to production

Work on projects, strategies, and problems of moderate to high complexity and scope. Can identify and define both short & medium term objectives

Design policies, processes, procedures, methods, tests, and/or components, from the ground up and with the understanding of how to put together end-to-end systems

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Publications at CHI, UIST, Ubicomp, 3DUI, SIGGRAPH, or similar venues

Experience working with novel/prototype hardware, sensors, or devices

Experience with gestural or wearable computing interfaces

Familiarity with machine learning algorithms

Familiarity with computer graphics

Familiarity with multimodal input

Technical and non-technical communication skills