Meta AR/VR Job | Electrical Engineer | Oculus

Job(岗位): Electrical Engineer | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-8-1


At Meta Reality Labs (MRL), our goal is to explore, innovate and design novel interfaces and hardware subsystems for the next generation of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences. We are looking for a skilled and motivated Electrical Engineer to join our Hardware Research Engineering team, whose mission is to design, build, and test prototype electrical systems for future consumer VR and AR experiences. There are roles open on multiple teams, including Display Systems Research working with projects such as varifocal lens prototypes, holographic optics, and DeepFocus, and on the XR Interaction team working with technologies such as EMG and wrist-worn devices.

We are specifically looking for a candidate with a broad set of experiences, including embedded design, analog/mixed signal design, RF, and/or multimodal biometric sensing. The systems we work with could have ASICs, microcontrollers, microprocessors, FPGAs from simple to large, displays, audio, inertial sensors, camera sensors, and high speed I/O.

You will work cross-functionally with teams that will dynamically change depending on the problem and potentially include mechanical, optical, firmware, software, and research experts. We want people who work well in teams, can brainstorm big ideas, work in new technology areas, are able to drive a concept into a design, and tolerate a high degree of ambiguity. You should be able to create a board definition and implement with electrical schematic and layout, bring-up, troubleshoot, and ready these devices for small-batch research prototyping efforts. More broadly, the chosen candidate will work with a diverse and highly interdisciplinary team of researchers and engineers and will have access to cutting edge technology, resources, and testing facilities.


10+ years of industry experience in hardware design or electrical engineering roles, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Experience with use of oscilloscopes, digital test equipment, logic analyzers, and function generators. Practical experience of measuring/analyzing multi-GHz buses

Experience with opto-electrical systems, such as image sensors, lasers, proximity sensors, and depth sensors

Experience designing for the current generations of programmable devices such as DSPs, FPGAs, uControllers, and uProcessors

Experience working independently, managing priorities, and providing mentorship to junior engineers

Experience with low and high speed digital communication interfaces such as MIPI D-PHY, USB SS, I2C, and SPI, as well as analog design experience including implementation of switching power supplies and measurement of analog signals


Architect and design electrical engineering solutions for novel VR/AR devices and systems

Invent novel engineering solution to challenging power/size/thermal requirements

Hands-on contribution to develop schematics, guide board layout, assemble, test, debug, and integrate multi-component electrical systems using industry-standard simulation and design packages such as SPICE, MATLAB, Altium or Cadence

Lead the engineering of large and complex multidisciplinary hardware projects

Establish and conduct collaborations with multidisciplinary partners, both internal and external

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

15+ years of experience in research or advanced development

Experience with IMUs/sensor systems with an understanding of calibration methods

Experience with battery/low power systems

MS degree, in Engineering, Physics, Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Experience with wireless communication systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile 4G/LTE/5G

Experience with designing hardware systems for computer vision applications

Experience incubating new technologies and guiding them through tech transfer