Meta AR/VR Job | Sound Design Manager

Job(岗位): Sound Design Manager

Type(岗位类型): Design

Citys(岗位城市): Menlo Park, CA | Seattle, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-7-25


Meta is looking for a Sound Design Manager to join our award-winning team. Our Sound Design team consists of 100+ audio experts who design the experiences that connect people through the power of sound. A shift is underway—from traditional 2D music to spatial music—that opens a world of opportunity in how music is created and experienced. Spatial music represents a new paradigm of music production and consumption and our Sound Design team is starting to explore how it might be used in the Metaverse.

This role has a strong focus on people-management, team building, and tactical decision making. It also allows for hands-on sound design, implementation, and production work, and features a long runway for innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking.

In this role, you will manage a team that creates the sound designs for avatars and Horizon Worlds, a free, online virtual reality game where you can explore, play and create. You will manage a team of 4-6 sound designers and will be focused on virtual reality work in the Metaverse.


5+ years of professional sound design and sound implementation experience focused on innovative, high-quality — preferably real-time interactive — products

3+ years of experience assembling and managing teams of creative and technical experts with wide ranges of specialties

Demonstrated skill with strategic decision making and tactical prioritization

Experience thriving in a fast-paced and quickly evolving environment

Knowledge of, and interest in, how culture and dynamics create teams

Willingness for learning, growth, and pushing the envelope


Support a growing team of Sound Designers, focusing on team engagement and fulfillment, facilitating career growth, and creating a supportive atmosphere of innovation, excellence, and execution

Work with Sound Design Director and Creative Operations to establish, encourage, and enforce best practices across the team

Set clear expectations and create a positive work environment based on support and accountability, in collaboration with the Sound Design Team leadership

Help manage resources and headcount against a wide, varied, and fast-evolving portfolio of projects

Collaborate with Engineering, Design, and Product Management in teams across Meta to incorporate innovative audio experiences into our family of products

Advocate for the role and value of sound across Meta and in the larger creative community

Understand the strengths and opportunities on the current team as it grows, and recruit new designers and actively participate in the hiring process

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Familiarity with studio and location recording, editing, mixing, and mastering

Audio spatialization in a VR game or experience

Experience with audio middleware such as Wwise or FMOD

Experience with game engines – Unreal and Unity

Experience with various management techniques (Agile, OKR, JTBD, etc.)