Meta AR/VR Job | Meta Cx Network Architecture Lead

Job(岗位): Meta Cx Network Architecture Lead

Type(岗位类型): Connectivity

Citys(岗位城市): Remote, US | Menlo Park, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-7-5


At Meta Connectivity (MCx), we focus on partnering with a variety of Connectivity Service Providers (CSP) in order to accelerate the development and deployment of metaverse-ready networks in an economically and technically sustainable manner. We are looking for a leader with deep technical expertise in data networking and network architecture, who can build and drive a team of technologists and engineers, as we engage and collaborate closely with our CSP partners to build metaverse-ready networks of the future.

Bringing high-quality XR experiences (e.g. AR calling, fully immersive VR) to large parts of the population is an extremely challenging task, limited by user device capabilities (size, weight, power), access network speed & latency, and the “experience” provider’s compute capacity. At MCx, we believe CSPs will play a significant and critical role in overcoming all three of the above limitations by building even smarter, more context-aware and compute-capable networks and evolving from being data pipes to becoming value-add partners that enable the metaverse.

As the MCx NW Architecture Lead, you will build close and cooperative relationships with the engineering leadership of our CSP partners in order to facilitate ongoing and future collaboration with Meta. Working closely with other MCx teams, Meta’s infrastructure, experiences, and devices teams, and leveraging Meta’s technical and business strengths, you will propose mechanisms to improve, optimize, and/or (re)build CSP networks to help them become metaverse-ready. This task will require understanding of CSP’s strategic goals and business incentives, in addition to their technical network capabilities. Working closely with our CSP partners, you will ultimately help drive the actual deployment of metaverse-ready networks around the planet.


Experience in architecting, designing, building, testing and/or optimizing low latency and high data rate networks for Connectivity Service Providers (wireline or wireless)

Understanding of current and upcoming (in-development) network architectures and protocols

Understanding of ecosystem drivers and technology around the communications industry and 3GPP and/or IEEE standards

Knowledge of XR (AR, MR, VR) use cases, and understanding of their implications on the end-to-end data network’s speed/bandwidth, latency/RTT and compute requirements

MS or PhD with minimum 10 years’ experience in data network architecture and design


Closely collaborate on an ongoing and continuous basis with Meta’s Infrastructure and Analytics teams to understand Meta’s technical, business and strategic value-adds towards the CSP ecosystem

Bring along constituents of Meta’s technical community spread across various internal teams by providing technical leadership, guidance and strategic direction

Work closely with Meta’s Partnerships and Ecosystem teams to engage meaningfully with the engineering leadership of our priority CSP partners to foster innovative and disruptive technical engagements

Identify and understand the technical capabilities, limitations, and improvement opportunities within CSP’s networks, in addition to their co-dependencies/links with Meta’s infrastructure

Develop innovations and technical solutions to optimize CSP networks, with emphasis on increasing their capacity (bandwidth), reducing latency/RTT, and providing value-add compute capabilities

Drive the technical definition, architecture, implementation, and execution/deployment of innovative and potentially disruptive solutions with the goal of accelerating their adoption by CSPs and enabling metaverse-ready networks

Closely collaborate with MCx Product Management, Ecosystem and Partnership teams to help develop and pitch strategic and sustainable business solutions to our CSP partners

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Leadership, recruiting, team building and organization/management experience preferred

Deployment and operational experience preferred