Apple AR/VR Job | Design Engineering Software Developer, Apps & Services

Job(岗位): Design Engineering Software Developer, Apps & Services

Citys(岗位城市): Culver City, California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2022-6-23


dedication to your job and there’s no telling what you could accomplish.

We conceptualize, design and create the content experiences for some of Apple’s most visible products. Your ideas can impact the way people consume media products, what they look and feel like, and how they’re used by millions of people across the globe!

We are seeking a design engineer to work with the team responsible for developing next generation visual effects for social video applications. We create and develop the tools – filters, stickers, titles and AR effects etc – that empower video creators. You will work with designers and engineers, coordinating with cross-functional teams to ensure that the final result is visually striking and exceeds Apple’s high standards!

This is a role for a problem solver who wants to influence how the software looks, as well as how it works. You can inspire creators and clearly articulate your vision. You follow technical discussions and have an understanding of the engineering behind software development. You can quickly learn new technology and processes and excel at building strong multi-functional relationships (operational, technical and creative) in a fast paced organization.

This is far from your traditional position. You will be a liaison between design and engineering. You will translate designs into technical products for our video applications, such as iMovie and Clips etc.

You will support the addition of new content into our apps, as well as update existing content. You’ll fix bugs, as well as test out new and rough internal tools and processes.

You’ll be exploring new and existing technology looking for creative ways to augment applications or come up with completely new ideas. You, in collaboration with other members of the team, will design, implement and iterate on new prototypes. We are looking for people who can not only dream up cool new ideas, but build interactive prototypes of those ideas.

You are able to communicate in a clear concise manner (whether it be email, voicemail or face-to-face). You are easy-going, able to multi-task, can deal with tedious tasks and with multiple rounds edits. You are level-headed and keep your cool when deadlines or other pressures develop. You thrive in a fast-paced environment and are able to keep many different projects and priorities organized and moving in the right direction. You can change directions easily and comfortably, even if that means starting over, or doing something completely different.


3+ years software development experience

Strong skills in Objective-C, C/C++, and/or Swift

Significant skills in UIKit, Metal, 3D/2D Graphics, AR/VR, image analysis, and/or Audio

Experience with multi-threading, concurrent programming, memory management, and/or performance optimization

Proven ability to develop and ship high quality software products

Strong communication skills and the ability to work closely with others

Familiarity with content creation tools is an added plus

Experience managing a high volume of creative asset types in parallel


This is a role that requires collaboration across multiple design, engineering, business, and production teams. This person will be responsible for implementing content in various formats for several video applications.

A deep understanding of our Apps is very important. You may be asked to work on something that can’t be done with current technology and to articulate what tools will be necessary to implement, produce and ship a product is vital.

We often provide tech support for others on our team. We have to optimize content for memory and performance gains.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

– Clear and concise communication and organization skills

– Passion for the Apple brand and relentless in preserving its authenticity