Apple AR/VR Job | Simulation & Image Scientist

Job(岗位): Simulation & Image Scientist

Citys(岗位城市): Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Date(发布日期): 2022-6-24


The Image Sciences team, a part of the Camera Hardware and Depth Team, develops novel metrology and calibration processes to enable both machine-vision-driven and photographic experiences, targeting optical and sensor characteristics, non-destructive detection of defects inside complex imaging systems and multi-camera calibration as used in Portrait Mode.

The team is seeking an image scientist with broad skills to help develop next-generation, high-throughput simulation frameworks to assist the design and architecture of products, including AR/VR features.


Expertise in C/C++ programming languages,

Expertise with physically-based rendering,

Expertise with numerical methods, applied mathematics and statistics,

Experience with GPGPU algorithm development,

Experience with lens-based imaging systems, optical simulation and/or CMOS sensor modeling,

Experience with computational imaging techniques, including reconstruction algorithms,

Experience with high-performance and distributed computing,

Experience with Machine-Learning techniques and frameworks,

Experience with scripting languages such as Matlab or Python,

Knowledge of photography and photographic principals,

Great interpersonal skills – the ability to collaborate across groups.


Develop GPU-based image simulation pipelines including models for optics, sensor and ISP.

Develop and maintain automated frameworks to manage models and generate large volume of synthetic content on-demand.

Characterize end-to-end (hardware and software) performance of features through simulation studies.

Develop differential models for optics and sensors, to be used in optimization and machine vision training, tuning.

Develop simple user interfaces of complex tools in Python or Matlab.

Managing project deliverables and schedules to meet commitments to product development teams.