Apple AR/VR Job | Camera Assembly & Maintenance Engineer

Job(岗位): Camera Assembly & Maintenance Engineer

Citys(岗位城市): Newport Beach, California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2022-6-14


Apple is looking for a Camera Assembly & Maintenance Engineer to join a fast growing production tools development team. The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic and self starting engineer to support the development and maintenance of cutting edge technology for use in high-end professional & R&D production environments. The Engineer will also be responsible for building up new camera systems, by hand, as demand increases and more inventory is needed.

The Engineer will ensure all systems are prepped and in a ready-to-go, “green tag” & “gold room” state at all times. The ideal candidate will have a methodical and unrelenting attention to detail. Consistency and repeatability are the cornerstone of this job. Production crews expect capture systems to work the same way, every-time, in a predictable way, without deviation or exception. The Engineer will strive to make sure each system functions identically to preserve the production crews operational motor memory and trust in the systems.

In addition to daily maintenance, the Engineer will build capture systems that are used in high stakes and dynamic production environments where there’s only one chance to capture amazing content that could span generations.

The production tools development team embraces a scrappy, “fail fast & often,” and “if a solution already exists, we’ll buy it” approach to production tools development. The team brings to life the hard and the seemingly impossible when creative stakeholders and peers hit the limits of current production technology.

If being able to point at a screen and say “my team and I made that happen” fills you with pride, Apple is the place for you. If supporting and advancing the bleeding edge of high-availability, professional capture tools at the intersection of art and technology is what drives you, this is the opportunity you’ve been working towards.


5+ years experience working with or contributing to the development of technology used in support of theatrical, live, AR, 3D, virtual production or broadcast capture.

A track record of collaborating with production technology vendors.

Experience working with professional camera systems (Sony, ARRI, IMAX, RED, etc.).

Hands-on experience working lens collimators, projectors and/or optical alignment tools.

Hands on experience soldering small IC’s and wires to PCD’s and microcontroller boards.

Experience design CAD models using Solidworks, NX, Fusion, etc.

Experience building small gauge wiring harness using multi-pin connectors. (Moles, Hirose, etc.)

Hands on experience using waveform monitors and color charts to measure color accuracy and dynamic range. (DSC, Leader, Image Engineering, etc.)

Experience keeping detailed maintenance records of camera mechanical and image performance.

Able to lift 50 lbs to chest height while standing.

Able to travel both domestically & internationally, up to 25% of the year.


The Camera Assembly & Maintenance Engineer will have a unique seat at the table to collect production planning information and any feedback from cross-functional teams. This feedback will guide and influence future R&D efforts. From this seat-at-the table, the Engineer will provide updates on equipment maintenance status, tool improvement schedules and any other information that may help production planning efforts.

The Engineers “normal day at the office” will include testing, maintaining and benchmarking current image capture systems. Once that work is done, the Engineer will work with stakeholders across Apple to find ways to improve existing and future designs. From time-to-time, the Engineer will also work in a “prep-tech” type capacity during the preparation and testing of equipment. The engineer will also shadow crews on-location to support and observe first hand how new systems are performing in real world use.

Lastly, the Engineer will have wide latitude to explore, learn, test and implement new technologies and workflows with few restrictions. Guided by the Engineers endless curiosity, these learnings will help reach & raise the high quality bar that Apple requires.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

– Prior experience working non-standard types of photography or cinematography such as underwater, aerial, extreme conditions, and virtual production.

– Familiarity with typical video and audio recording formats commonly found in the cinematic or live broadcast industry. (RAW, ProRes, EXR, BWF, etc.)

– Familiarity with video transport protocols like SMPTE-2110 and SDI.

– Working knowledge of media production and workflow tools such as Adobe Premiere, BlackMagic Resolve, ColorFront (OSD), ShotGrid/ShotGun, Perforce, Unity, Unreal, Movie Magic, StudioBinder, etc.

– Experience using standard organization and communication tools. (Monday, Confluence, Keynote, PowerPoint, Omnigraffle, Vizio, Word, etc.)

– Experience working in international, highly metropolitan, and underdeveloped locations as part of a production crew is highly desirable.