Apple AR/VR Job | AR/VR Software Engineer

Job(岗位): AR/VR Software Engineer

Citys(岗位城市): Newport Beach, California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2022-6-7


The Technology Development Group (TDG) is working with some of Apple’s most advanced and exciting technologies, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) explorations. As a member of our fast-paced organization, you will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly evolving team, driving experiences that will delight and inspire millions of people. Our commitment to excellence and our creativity enable our customers to do amazing things. We build technology that inspires people. What inspires you? Creating something new and finding solutions for complex problems? Working with world-class innovators? All of the above? Then we want to talk to you about this job opportunity. We are looking for motivated individuals interested Media Centric Software Engineering to work with our team of high-performing and risk-taking innovators to create services that are out of this world.


1+ years experience with Software Parallelism

1+ years experience with Distributed System development

1+years experience with Object-oriented Programming


You will work in a team of engineers to develop new realtime media processing technologies, working with existing Apple technology and services such as CoreMedia, AVFoundation, iCloud and iTunes. You will have opportunities to work in C++, Objective-C, Cuda, Metal, Swift, Python and Javascript to create and deploy services and tools focused on innovative new forms of media. As a self-starter that prefers to work with a great team, you may be the engineer we are looking for. Especially if you like to have fun with the people you work with!

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

– Bonus Qualifications:

– Experience with existing media workflows

– Familiarity with Audio, Video and Image formats

– 3D Math