Apple AR/VR Job | Camera Incubation Prototyping Engineer (Sensing and UX)

Job(岗位): Camera Incubation Prototyping Engineer (Sensing and UX)

Citys(岗位城市): Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2022-4-26


The Camera Incubation team is looking for a UX and technology prototyping engineer to help define the future of Apple products centered around emerging camera technology. Camera Incubation lives at the intersection of design and engineering. We are a team of passionate, multi-disciplinary engineers and prototypers who work collaboratively and across Apple to discover compelling new experiences and product features, and make them a reality by developing the technologies that enable them.


Ability to rapidly prototype camera experiences using both camera HW platforms and SW tools including iOS/ MacOS programming, VisionKit, ARKit, OpenCV, Unity, Unreal, OpenGL, Metal, After Effects.

Deep domain knowledge in one or more of: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/VR, 3D imaging and rendering, multi-modal fusion, scene understanding

Strong SW development skills, including expert knowledge of some or all of Python, Swift, Obj-C, and C++

Proven experience with prototyping camera-based experiences and interactions

Understanding of design-thinking and the ability to work in a multi-functional setting that includes both engineers and design teams.

Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills


In this role, you will wear the hat of both a prototyper, to rapidly explore a design space and discover groundbreaking and compelling new products and product features, and of an engineer, to identify and develop the key technologies that enable those products.

You will work collaboratively with designers, engineers, human factors experts, and others to solve complex problems and come up with innovative solutions.

Requires strong communication skills to share ideas and clearly and concisely explain concepts across many different audiences, both verbally and through visual means.

For early UX prototyping, you will choose from many different tools to quickly try out concepts, from simple mockups and visualizations to higher-fidelity prototypes running on devices. Later you will partner with other teams across Apple to go deep into technology prototyping and pathfinding and establish the feasibility of compelling experiences.