Meta AR/VR Job | Software Engineer, Digital Humans (University Grad)

Job(岗位): Software Engineer, Digital Humans (University Grad)

Type(岗位类型): Computer Vision | Engineering, Machine Learning, Research

Citys(岗位城市): Zurich, Switzerland

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-10


Reality Labs brings together a world-class team of researchers, developers, and engineers to create the future of virtual and augmented reality, which together will become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today. Just as personal computers have done over the past 45 years, AR and VR will ultimately change everything about how we work, play, and connect. We are developing all the technologies needed to enable breakthrough AR glasses and VR headsets, including optics and displays, computer vision, audio, graphics, brain-computer interface, haptic interaction, eye/hand/face/body tracking, perception science, and true telepresence. Some of those will advance much faster than others, but they all need to happen to enable AR and VR that are so compelling that they become an integral part of our lives.

As a Software Engineer in the Digital Humans team, you will foster our scientific explorations in areas like human shape, motion/appearance capture, biophysical models, simulation and rendering. You will generate viable paths to consumer products that will connect people in a meaningful way for decades to come.

Together, let’s step into the adventure of a lifetime as we make science fiction real, and change the world.


Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a Master’s degree in the field of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Physics, Machine Learning, relevant technical field, or equivalent practical experience. Degree must be completed prior to joining Meta.

2+ years modern C++ experience gained through university projects and internships

Experience with creating, extending, integrating and maintaining computer graphics systems such as: 3D engine, physics/simulation, rendering, animation, mocap, 3D reconstruction. In the domain of soft body applications (like digital humans, fluids, hair and clothes simulation etc.). At least a combination of these areas.

Experience in working within interdisciplinary teams at university projects or internships


Work side by side with research scientists to foster scientific explorations to produce realistic avatars.

Build tools, platforms, infrastructure and documentation that enable more efficient and effective research.

Make the architectural tradeoffs required to rapidly deliver software solutions.

Write clean readable code, debug complex problems that span systems, understand priorities and fulfill project needs efficiently.

Learn constantly, build with inclusion as a core value, dive into new areas with unfamiliar technologies, and embrace the ambiguity of AR/VR problem solving.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Currently has, or is in the process of obtaining, a PhD degree in the field of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Physics, Machine Learning, or a relevant technical field. Degree must be completed prior to joining Meta.

Experience working with Python and C++ concurrency concepts.

Work experience with 3D mathematics and applied linear algebra.

Project experience with Machine Learning.

1+ years experience working with game engines and network programming.