Meta AR/VR Job | Technical Lead Manager (TLM) Firmware Engineer

Job(岗位): Technical Lead Manager (TLM) Firmware Engineer

Type(岗位类型): Computer Vision | Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Redmond, WA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-8


The Reality Labs Research Audio Team is looking for a Technical Lead Manager (TLM) Firmware Engineer to help bring cutting edge virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences and hardware to life. In our Research & Advanced Development projects, we are setting out to fundamentally transform how people interact with sound and audio devices; bringing new high value experiences to the daily lives of billions of people. To make this possible, we need a leader to foster a well-rounded team that nurtures kinship, enables good communication, and is sympathetic to the challenges in these diverse domains.

In this role, you will be leading and cooperating with engineers and researchers to concept, design, and build the next generation of research hardware systems that enable social VR and AR. You will be collaborating and contributing at a deeply technical level and guiding efforts of team members supporting you; including vendors and manufacturing partners. You will be responsible for intaking requirements from researchers and engineers, defining optimized workflows, identifying risks and associated mitigation plans, and clearly communicate to program stakeholders. You will lead the design of firmware and systems that includes audio centric designs like mobile and tethered real time audio processing, wireless audio transmitters and receivers, small embedded systems, large System On Chip devices, FPGAs, and be capable of integrating microphones, transducers, amplifiers, CODECs, MEMS sensors, IMUs and cameras in.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with ambiguity, exhibits a sense of ownership, and enjoys an honest and considerate environment. We have a wide variety of problems that need solutions, and we depend on people who are comfortable with embracing a creative, thoughtful approach to both short-term and long-term problem solving.


BS/MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or a related field or equivalent experience.

2+ years of management experience and 7+ years of experience on firmware development.

Proven track record in building or developing a team of engineers.

Experience with embedded processors architecture and boot mechanism, interrupt priorities, and configuring peripherals such as I2S/TDM, USB, SPI, MIPI CSI/DSI, I2C, UART, GPIO, PWM etc.

Experience developing firmware for systems using sensors, such as IMU, Accelerometers, Mics etc.

Experience with software design and programming in C/C++ for development, debugging, testing and performance analysis.


Lead firmware engineering activities and provide leadership and guidance to your team members.

Collaborate in a team environment across multiple product focused, research, and engineering disciplines, making the architectural tradeoffs required to rapidly deliver firmware solutions.

Understand, develop, and implement firmware on micro-controllers, and SoCs, leverage peripherals, manage power consumption, support boot loaders, and schedule real-time tasks (RTOS).

Build software development processes that allow for rapid development and experimentation while maintaining a high-quality product.

Manage project meetings, schedules, milestones and delivery, including managing vendors and manufacturing partners to achieve teams goals.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience with Linux/Unix, preferably direct experience with embedded Linux distributions.

Experience in hardware debugging, clock-level issues, bridges, delays, interrupts, clock gating, polling, power consumption, etc.

Experience developing firmware which leverages or interfaces with RF technologies such as WIFI, BT, GPS, etc.

Experience with interfacing MCUs or soft-core with FPGA-based designs, at register level or via serial interfaces.

Experience designing experiments to diagnose embedded hardware and firmware problems.

Experience leading cross functional teams to execute product development on schedule.

Experience maximizing performance of resource constrained systems.