Meta AR/VR Job | Image Quality Benchmarking Engineer | Oculus

Job(岗位): Image Quality Benchmarking Engineer | Oculus

Type(岗位类型): Engineering

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-3-5


Meta Reality Labs brings together world-class experts to develop and ship groundbreaking products at the intersection of hardware, software, and content. We have a clear mandate to ship products at scale. In particular, seemingly impossible products that define new categories that advance Meta’s mission of connecting the world. The RL Technology Engineering Team has the responsibility for taking breakthroughs in core technology and delivering them to market at scale, and our Image Quality Testing Team seeks an Image Quality Benchmarking Engineer who has extended experience supporting imaging system development.


Bachelors in Photography, Imaging Science, Color Science, Stats, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, or related fields/experience

2+ years experience in image/video quality test, metrics, and evaluation methods for benchmarking or camera characterization (sensor, module, device)

Experience with evaluation of camera optical/sensing, image processing techniques, ISP blocks or mainstream computational photography algorithms for mobile camera product

Experience in implementing or creating and debugging image quality test infrastructure (hardware, charts, software, automation) and evaluation platforms (DXO, Imatest, IQ Analyzer, etc.)

Dedication to advance the imaging user experience in consumer products


Develop, characterize, and perform objective IQ analysis for imaging systems

Work with external vendors and internal teams to design, procure for, and manage image quality labs contributing to camera architecture, bring up, tuning, and qualification

Develop tools for test creation and data analysis in ADB, MATLAB, or Python

Triage and debug image quality related problems during development cycles

Manage and report image quality deliverables to cross-functional team to guide product development

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

PhD in Photography, Imaging Science, Color Science, Stats, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, or related fields

10+ years experience characterizing camera performing image quality evaluation for consumer cameras (HW, ISP, algo, app), digital cameras, or other imaging systems

10+ years experience building and managing engineering lab spaces for IQ for benchmarking, camera characterization, and psychophysics studies

Experience forecasting and procuring for engineering labs including inventory management/transportation and support/maintenance (charts, lights, controllers, hardware, software, tools, consumables)

Experience with administering engineering lab and operations including organization, breakdown/setup, security and access, equipment training, and safety protocols

Optical lab equipment experience including operation of oscilloscopes, power meters, spectrometers, cameras/detectors etc.

Experience collaborating with EHS/Facilities/Regulatory agencies to establish requirements and engineering and teaching practices for quality and safety

Experience in one or more of the following areas: optical system design, sensor technology, image processing, imaging algorithms, camera ISP and computation photography features, imaging lab design and setup, software QA process

Expert in MATLAB, Python, Pandas, Jupyter for operating lab systems, lab automation, data collection, and analysis. Familiarity with Android/Adb

Experience establishing IQ KPI’s and designing/conducting objective and subjective experiments of prototype hardware and software to critically examine image quality, behavior, and performance at the device, module, and component level (e.g. optical, thermal, system, electrical)

Proven contributions to ICPQ, IEEE, VCX or other IQ standards organizations

Experience leading teams and shipping consumer electronics at scale

Experience with user experience regards to photography and videography feature