Apple AR/VR Job | Technical Artist

Job(岗位): Technical Artist

Type(岗位类型): MKTG

Citys(岗位城市): Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2021-11-15


Marcom is Apple’s Global Marketing Communications group. We oversee all of Apple’s advertising and marketing to ensure the flawless development and execution of world-class communications. We represent the voice of Apple and offer you the opportunity to do the best work of your career—and have it seen by the millions of people.

A Technical Artist combines both visual and technical skills to deliver 3D visual and/or tooling solutions for AR/VR, interactive and installation projects. You will work with Art Directors, Product Designers, Creative Technologists and cross-functional teams on high-impact projects that serve various Apple lines of business. We use the latest technologies to evolve and deliver solutions on a worldwide scale. Working with a variety of cross-functional teams, we bring together design, experience, and technology to deliver 3D/AR/VR experiences alongside a world-class group of creatives.


7+ years of experience working in creative/video game/agency environments.

A portfolio demonstrating experience with 3D disciplines (AR/VR, video games, installations, motion graphics, creative coding).

Strong knowledge of shading, lighting, rendering and/or tooling, 3D and/or game engine pipelines (Blender, Maya, Houdini, Unity, Unreal, etc).

Experience developing performant, reusable shaders, materials and visual effects for realtime 3D applications.

Experience developing performant, reusable DCC/game engine tools, content pipelines and interactive frameworks/applications.

Experience with one or more of the following languages: C#, Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, Python.

Experience with computer graphics (OpenGL, Metal, etc).

Experience with native iOS/macOS development is a plus.

Strong commitment to explore and learn new technologies, and unafraid to be out of your comfort zone.

Excellent presentation and communication skills.

Able to collaborate, multitask, and work within deadlines. You thrive in a creative and dynamic work environment.


The Technical Artist is a hybrid visual and technical expert who liaises between designers, artists, creative technologists and engineers to create and optimize our visual/technical workflows and solutions.

You will collaborate with a diverse team of technical and creative individuals on 3D, AR/VR and interactive projects utilizing a combination of emerging technologies to achieve industry -leading levels of performance, realism and art direction. You will be responsible for developing performant, reusable and scalable visual/tooling solutions that overcome technical challenges, enabling the team’s creative vision to be realized and increasing efficiency across the studio.