Meta AR/VR Job | Perceptual Audio Quality TLM

Job(岗位): Perceptual Audio Quality TLM

Type(岗位类型): Hardware

Citys(岗位城市): Sunnyvale, CA

Date(发布日期): 2022-1-6


The Perceptual Audio Quality TLM is responsible for setting the direction for and leading a team of Applied Perceptual Audio scientists, engineers and technicians translating user needs and psychoacoustic principles into validated performance targets for the engineering teams by formulating and developing objective metrics, test methodologies, and processes for quantifying perceptual audio quality across all our products.

This role leads the team to take product requirements, key user scenarios, and conduct psychometric based tests to understand the impact of product performance on the real user value and experience of the product.

This role also leads the team to develop meaningful and accurate metrics for quantifying perceptual audio quality as well as processes and novel test methodologies scalable across all Facebook.

This role needs to be able to plan, implement, and present strategies on their own and lead projects within the greater TED Audio team as well as working with cross-functional partners in research and product development to understand and prioritize perceptual needs.

This role furthermore needs to be able to lead engineering teams to develop an increasingly sophisticated ML based framework for perceptual evaluation.


Technical leader of sound quality, perceptual audio evaluation and modeling teams with 15+ years of experience

Expertise in setting up user studies to test audio metrics

Expertise in relevant statistical analyses and modeling for perceptual data

Proven track record up audio tests in laboratory and real world settings

Experience managing programs, resources, and people to scale research, innovation and product development

Planning and communication skills


Technical lead of perceptual evaluation of audio and multi-/cross modal applications (e.g. audio/visual/haptic)

Lead and build world class team to drive robust, efficient and world-class perceptual evaluation methods across research and product/component/algorithm development

Development of efficient data gathering perceptual evaluation framework for supervised and unsupervised ML

Collaborate across FRLs multi-disciplinary teams to develop, understand and model consumer preferences

Lead perceptual aspect of development of ML based predictive model development for different consumer types, for both overall and detailed Quality of Experience (QoE). E.g. consumer, audiophile, expert &/or regional different for specific applications &/or different hearing loss characteristics

Research and exploration into perceptually based AI algorithm framework. Strive towards developing IP in the above areas

Collaborate and drive advanced perceptual evaluation research, both internally and with external academic groups

Publish research results in academic journals, books and international conferences in alignment with technology and product strategies

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience in fundamental psychoacoustics, PhD in the field preferred