Apple AR/VR Job | Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer – Light Estimation (TDG)

Job(岗位): Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer – Light Estimation (TDG)

Type(岗位类型): MLAI

Citys(岗位城市): Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States

Date(发布日期): 2021-8-23


As part of Apple’s Technology Development Group (TDG), the Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer will work in a small and dynamic team to solve light estimation problems for AR applications. As a member of a fast-paced team, you have the unique and rewarding opportunity to work on upcoming releases of Apple products that delight and inspire millions of people every day! We invite you to contribute to our current Augmented Reality platform and craft the future of Apple!

To succeed within this role, you should have shown experience in several of the following areas:


Solid foundation in computer vision; key areas of interest include HDR imaging, perceptual image similarity metrics, image segmentation, depth estimation, and 3D computer vision

Solid understanding of machine learning technology, in particular generative models, such as GANs, and experience on turning machine learning technologies into practical, state-of-the-art systems

Experience in 3D computer graphics, lighting, shading

Strong coding skills in Python and experience with C/C++ or ObjectiveC

Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Experience with (neural) inverse rendering is a plus

Experience developing for MacOS and/or iOS is a plus


The Algorithms organization in Apple’s Technology Development Group (TDG) is looking for a skilled computer vision and machine learning research engineer, with a strong background in deep learning and computer vision. In this role, you will perform research and development work to design, implement, benchmark, and optimize algorithms for ambitious real-world problems in the domain of 3D scene understanding, in particular HDR environment map estimation, to enable Augmented Reality experiences.

Your key responsibilities in this role are:

– Research, design and implementation of computer vision and machine/deep learning algorithms

– Benchmarking and fine-tuning of computer vision and machine/deep learning algorithms

– Developing tools and data pipelines that provide concise insights into algorithm quality and limitations based on comprehensive large-scale test datasets

– Optimizing these algorithms for real-time and low power constraints on embedded systems

– Support algorithm integration into Apple products

– Collaboration with teams across Apple with multidisciplinary skills