Meta AR/VR Job | Data Scientist, Analytics – Facebook Reality Labs, XROS

Job(岗位): Data Scientist, Analytics – Facebook Reality Labs, XROS

Type(岗位类型): Analytics | Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Games, Hardware, Machine Learning

Citys(岗位城市): Burlingame, CA

Date(发布日期): 2021-12-21


Facebook Reality Labs builds tools that help people feel connected anytime, anywhere. We envision a world where physical distance doesn’t limit our ability to connect with one another and neither do our devices. We target product categories with high potential for sustaining human connection at population scale. Our strategy is to build products that gain enough market share to establish broad consumer expectations around communication, acceptability, and privacy for their entire category.

We are looking for a seasoned Data Scientist to be a foundational member of a new team partnering with the several hundred engineers developing the operating systems that power new hardware devices like Quest, Quest 2, Portal, and future mobile devices. We operate in both the virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality space.

The ideal candidate has a background in both software and hardware, especially with regard to system resource constraints and metrics. We are looking for someone who can work end-to-end, identifying important work areas, working with engineers to instrument telemetry and logging, analytically solve problems, developing data pipelines, data visualizations, and other tools to transform complex data issues into digestible data insights, and converting data insights into shippable product features.


PhD, MS or BS degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g., statistics, operations research, applied mathematics, physics, electrical engineering) or equivalent experience

5+ years experience doing quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, software or hardware engineering

Analytical skills and knowledge of statistical methods

Experience influencing product strategy through data-centric presentations (to product, business, and other stakeholders)

Experience extracting and manipulating large datasets

Proven experience influencing cross-functional partners and work across teams

Proven experience in experimentation including A/B testing

Experience in SQL, Python, R, and other languages


Apply your expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and distill a complex issue into actionable insights

Partner with Engineering teams to solve problems, identify opportunities, and build data infrastructure

Influence product roadmaps

Help improve engineering efficiency

Understand system resource constraints and budgets

Apply statistical techniques to evaluate A/B tests, debug regressions, and extrapolate findings from dogfooding data to the general population

Effectively communicate results and insights to the product team and company leadership

Work across many disciplines including data science, data engineering, software engineering, hardware engineering, and product management

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience understanding the tradeoffs between hardware constrained resources such as compute and battery life, model memory footprint and model accuracy, frame rate and thermal load, etc.

Basic knowledge of operating systems for mobile devices