Meta AR/VR Job | Digital Service – Customer Journey Program Manager, FRL

Job(岗位): Digital Service – Customer Journey Program Manager, FRL

Citys(岗位城市): Remote, US

Date(发布日期): Before 2021-12-14


As the Digital Service, Customer Journey Program Manager at Facebook Reality Labs, you will be responsible for defining and driving effortless journeys that focus on attracting and resolving customer’s digital inquiries. Through an innovative delivery of self service, dynamic and personalized, targeted “right channeled” solutions, you’ll orchestrate service experiences that deliver in-channel for our customers, and know how to make the transition to traditional/assisted support interactions when appropriate.

You are a seasoned customer centric individual with extensive experience in digital delivery in the customer support industry and understand internal and external operational dynamics required to deliver. You have a wealth of experience using data to support thought leadership and evangelize innovative solutions and approaches that are solidly rooted in delivering continuous improvement to customers through operational rigor and execution. You are data driven and understand that measurement and analysis are critical to successful iteration. You are focused on optimal and effortless customer outcomes and not only believe these are the experiences that drive customer loyalty and advocacy but have first-hand expertise in driving these initiatives to fruition as proof.

You have a proven track record of building trusting cross functional relationships regardless of domain, are a skilled communicator, are able to effectively navigate through ambiguity, and thrive in a fast paced and extremely dynamic environment. Your ultimate goal is to build digital service experiences with a relentless focus on increasing customer loyalty and advocacy by driving operational excellence at every turn.


10+ years of experience in digital strategy focused on a customer support practice, customer-facing communications, community management, and customer service operations program management

5+ years experience partnering with a globally distributed internal and supplier based operation focused on customer support operations

Experience developing and delivering presentation material to any audience size

Experience collaborating with internal cross-functional partners and external partners (serves as the glue between the business and partner operations)

Experience building relationships

Experience problem solving

Experience with analytics and data


You will orchestrate seamless experiences across a high-performing team of channel strategy program leaders who cover a variety of workflows within the Customer Care function including but not limited to Self Service Transactions, Digital IVR/Intake, Chatbot, Community, Social, In App/In Product and more.

You are mission driven and ensure that this is embedded and practiced daily in all activities, including establishing functional goals, measuring progress and sharing results.

You are key to shaping the vision of digital services by ensuring your teammates operate in a frictionless environment and enabling them to identify trends and opportunities that drive operational improvements.

You are proactive

identifying risks and opportunities in processes and policy, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware and understand the impact on day-to-day operations.

You are a strong communicator with experience in reaching resolutions with both technical and non-technical issues, ensuring that any impact is communicated cross functionally, at a global level.

You have the ability to recognize the need for and lead through change management initiatives while maintaining and driving functional excellence.

You will build and maintain healthy relationships with key partners, acting as the link between operations and stakeholders, identifying opportunities that will improve both the customer and teammate experience.

Where the customer experience has failed, your priority will be to make the customer whole again, putting solutions in place to prevent this from impacting other customers in the future.

You are an advocate for customer care, who will carry and drive the FRL customer focused culture with your colleagues and with your teammates.

Travel (at min) 25%.

Additional Requirements(额外要求)

Experience operating calmly and maintain judgment in fast-paced environments

Effective project management and communication skills

Experience operating in bespoke and SaaS solution environments

Experience taking calculated risks